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Friday Favorites

1. Friday is my favorite. (Actually I really love Thursdays for some reason too.)

2. Dear Ciao Bella – Please never ever ever ever stop making the Coconut Sorbetto. Holy crap delicious.


And check out this short, pronounceable ingredient list!


I think…I THINK I like the coconut even better than my previously beloved Blackberry Cabernet  sorbetto.


And why, yes, I did paint my own nails and stayed in the lines. Thank you for noticing.

3. Oh! Speaking of nails. This Sally Hansen Miracle Gel top coat is the best. It doesn’t last as long as salon gels, but it also doesn’t wreck my nails like the salon gel. Plus, it comes off with regular polish remover, and it definitely stays on longer than normal polish.You wanna know a secret? I use the top coat over Essie polishes (REBEL I tell ya), and it seems to work just like when you use it with the Sally Hansen polish they say you need to buy with it. Pfffft. You can’t tell me what to do Sally. (Although I do love this Wine Stock color of yours.) I’m currently obsessed with Essie’s Big Spender.


4. Van’s gluten free frozen waffles. I didn’t have frozen waffles for the first time until a few years ago; yes, I’ve been deprived. They are a total guilty pleasure with some chocolate hazelnut butter on top. But well, I don’t even feel that guilty about it.


For you non-gluten-free folks – the 8 Whole Grains waffles are apparently good too. I got a bunch of coupons sent to me by Vans so I got some waffles for Tommy and really likes them. How’s that for being a good girlfriend? I get him frozen waffles. He’s one lucky man. 😉SAM_2378

I must track down the Van’s gluten-free french toast sticks next. My next door neighbors always had french toast sticks growing up so breakfast at their place was obviously way better than my own at home. Because I was an ungrateful child who didn’t appreciate my mom’s famous homemade bread, the local sausage my parents bought, and the eggs the chickens right outside my bedroom window had laid the day before. But come on…FRENCH TOAST STICKS!

5. Making new friends through the blog. I went on a walk with a new friend Erin this week, who randomly moved to Winston-Salem after reading my blog for years. We had so much fun walking Maizey and chatting about running, dogs, Winston-Salem and more. Seriously, how did I make friends before I had a blog? (Thanks for letting me steal your picture Erin! And next time, let’s get a pic together! :))


Have a great weekend friends!

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    I’ve been doing the same with the Sally top coat! I discovered it about a month ago (I bought the combo pack) and now I use it on non-SH polishes too. It is amazing, my manis look soooo much better.

  • Reply
    Sara @ Oats & Rows

    UMMMM why have I never thought to use the Sally’s gel top coat on other nail polish!? Thank you for enlightening me! Have a great weekend! 🙂

  • Reply
    Alyssa @ RenaissanceRunnerGirl

    I love the blueberry and the apple cinnamon GF Van’s waffles!

  • Reply

    Iowa Girl Eats has a fabulous baked french toast sticks recipe. I always used to buy the frozen box from the grocery story, but after trying IGE’s, I’ve never looked back! They’re super quick & easy (as are most of her recipes), & I’ve been making up a batch & freezing them for quick b-fasts during the week. They reheat deliciously & last for weeks in the freezer. (I omitted the butter by accident one time & didn’t notice a difference so I’ve left it out ever since.)

  • Reply
    [email protected]

    Yessss! Sally’s Miracle Gel Top Coat is the best! I bought the combo pack with a deep red color when it first came out months ago – sooo excited about the claim that it wouldn’t chip for almost 2 weeks … it lasted for about 2 days. So disappointed! But I used the top coat with my other polishes and found out that it did keep them a little longer and stronger than other top coats – and it really seems to be quick drying. I’m totally sold on it and have bought 2 more bottle refills since my first purchase. 🙂

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