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Friday Favorites – TGT Wallet Review

An honest TGT Wallet review, along with a few other things I’m loving lately.

San Francisco Epsoak Epsom Salts 

I love taking epsom salt baths to help with sore muscles and to help relieve stress. This is my new favorite brand. The lavender smells amazing! You can buy them directly from SF Salt Co or on Amazon; I haven’t seen this brand in stores near me.


TGT Wallet 

I got a Tight Wallet for Tommy for his birthday after seeing my brother’s when we visited Utah. My brother loves his, and Tommy has loved his too. (I got him a monogrammed Americana Deluxe.) I kind of wish I had a use for one because it’s just cool looking. (This would make a great Father’s Day present too!)

TGT Tight Wallet Review

It fits in my tiny hand.

TGT Tight Wallet

I’m also a sucker for cool packaging. TGT Tight Wallet TGT Tight Wallet

Peeled Snacks Dried Fruit 

I’m obsessed with these. The dried mango and paradise found tropical fruit mix are my favorites! I like to grab them after work as I’m heading out to the driving range. They give me a quick hit of energy without ruining my dinner or making me queasy if I go to CrossFit after hitting balls. This is the best dried fruit I’ve had in a LONG time (sorry not sorry Trader Joe’s – this dried mango blows yours out of the water). Plus, I love that there is no added sugar.


Lily and Val Keepsake Kitchen Diary

 I love this beauty!

Lily and Val Keepsake Kitchen Diary

I love getting recipes from friends and seeing their notes on how they tweaked it. And I especially loved hand-written recipes I have from my mom (like her famous white bread and chocolate crinkle cookies). While Pinterest is convenient, I still love real cookbooks, and the history that grows with them as they’re passed around and shared. What I’d love to do with this is have my friend’s write recipes in this when they make something for get-togethers. I’d love to have a collection of different handwritings and notes and memories. I love the way a good meal brings people together and I love that this keepsake diary helps capture that. This would make a great Mother’s Day gift too, especially if you gave it to your mom with some recipes written in there and your memories of her making it for your family while you were growing up!

Only downside is when you mess up what you’re writing. 😉 (I need to share this veggie burger recipe with you! It’s insanely good.)


And I need to blog this lentil salad recipe too!Lily and Val

Local Favorite: Twin City Hive

Twin City Hive Winston-Salem

This coffee shop recently moved into a new (bigger) space and it is beautiful. And it has something for everyone, regardless of what you want in a coffee shop. If you want cozy and dim, grab a spot in the front area. For brighter light to fuel productivity, head towards the back. If you want to host a meeting there, and need some privacy, they have a conference room. For a quiet outdoor table in the sun, head past the sunroom to the sunny patio. If you want shade, you’ll see a covered patio on the way into the shop. You can’t go wrong. I also HIGHLY recommend any of their gluten-free muffins or scones; they’re some of the best I’ve ever had. They have a great tea selection  (and it’s loose leaf which is mandatory in my book), and their cold brew coffee is top notch. (Unrelated to their great service, food and drink – I also really love their branding and they’ve tastefully integrated it throughout the space.)

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    Awesome, thanks for the suggestion! I ordered the wallet for a father’s day gift and now I feel so on top of things 🙂 I’m always scrambling at the last minute, but I think this will be great.

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    Rosey Rebecca

    Your hair looks gorgeous!! About to go check out those epsom salts right now. And that recipe journal is so cute– love that it has a spot for ‘memories’! I have a binder with all of my recipes in sheet protectors.

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    Erin M

    I LOVE the idea of a kitchen diary! That is so fun!! There is something so special about handwritten recipes. I”m trying to be better at writing out my favorites and getting my mom to write hers too.

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