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Yay! It’s Friday! I’m working today and then Tommy and I are headed to a wedding tomorrow (I’ll be wearing the blue dress from StitchFix I blogged about this week!) and spending the weekend in the mountains. It’s in a really remote location (without cell service!!!) and I’m really excited to get away and disconnect. It’ll be great to meet some of his high school and college friends too.

Here’s what I’m loving this week:

New running socks from Swiftwick: I can’t even explain why these are so awesome but I’m obsessed. They have the perfect amount of compression. Dare I say it…I like them more than my beloved Balegas that I’ve been devoted to for years!


Maizey’s not impressed. (I updated my gear page with some new things, by the way!)

This new Bryce Dress from Fabletics. It’ll be a great grab & go option in the summer, plus the mesh area around the core will keep me cool in the humid months. (Here’s my post about Fabletics if you aren’t familiar with them.)


It fit better after I washed it. It was a little boxy at first.


And this is pretty stupid that it had some hanging thread. But, I snipped it off and it was fine. I still love the dress but come on Fabletics, stop slipping on your quality!


@mflynnpete on Instagram. I HATE that Megan and I never met while I lived in Charlotte because I’m pretty sure we’d be great friends. She seems so funny and sweet, and her dog Ender freaking cracks me up. You’ve got to follow her on snapchat too.


All these new Heinz BBQ sauces. I didn’t think I liked BBQ sauce but I accepted when Heinz offered to send me these to try out because I figured they’d be great to have around for grilling with friends this summer. I was right about that (we all had so much fun tasting these last night) and it turns out I DO like BBQ sauce. 🙂 These are all winners. I think the group decided Kansas City was our favorite, which pains me to say since I wanted the Carolina one to be my favorite!


Favorite picture of the week. Tommy took this while he was grilling on my rooftop. Gorgeous! I <3 you Winston. And I <3 you too Tommy! 😉


Alright, I’m off! Enjoy your long holiday weekend! Safe travels if you’re headed off anywhere!

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    Of course Kansas City is the best!

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    Love that white dress on you! You have some fun new dresses for summer. 🙂
    Your rooftop area looks awesome!

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    Random question…coffee…I struggle with finding a non dairy alternative!! I feel like I have tried EVERYTHING in it and it all tastes so weird. Also, a part of me really wants to like an American to make my life easier, but can’t overtime I order it it tastes so bitter? Am I missing something?


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      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      Hmmm… does your coffee taste bitter at home or just when you order out? Maybe try a light or medium roast instead of a dark roast (not sure what you are brewing!) as dark roasts tend to lend themselves to bitterness.

      In terms of non-dairy creamer, I really like the So Delicious brand – they have coconut and almond milk options. Maybe try a few! Trader Joe’s also has a coconut milk creamer.

      Or, if you like coconut, you could buy canned coconut milk (or the canned coconut cream that TJ’s sells) and put that in there!

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