Friday Favorites: The most affordable and cozy cashmere sweater + my latest bookclub book!

This week’s Friday Favorites include the softest Halogen Cashmere Sweater ( that’s super affordable!!), my latest bookclub book and some Trader Joe’s goods!

Happy Friday! The news in the South right now is dominated by the oncoming snow. We’re supposed to get 4-8″, and considering I grew up in Utah that doesn’t sound like a lot, but that amount of snow cripples Winston-Salem since they don’t have as much equipment to deal with all of it. Plus, snow quickly turns to ice and it’s super dangerous. At first I thought it was hilarious when I moved here that people stocked up on water, bread and eggs, and now I kind of understand. Stores are often closed, roads impossible to drive on, and the ice often takes out power. But all that to be said, I’m excited for it. I love a good snow storm once, mayyyybe twice, each winter. It’s cozy and peaceful. (As long as I have power!) We’ll see what happens!

Here’s what I’m loving lately!

This book.

Jane Steele is so good so far! I don’t often get sucked into books but I was almost instantly sucked in. If you liked Jane Eyre, you’ll like this.
Jane Steele Review

bed | nightstand from ikea | storage boxes| similar pillow

These cookies.

The candy cane gluten free joe joe’s are unreal. And so is the peppermint chocolate bar. Everyone is doing the Whole30 and I’m over here like….

trader joes candy cane gluten free joe joes

This Halogen Cashmere sweater.

I can’t wear wool because it makes me SUPER itchy and my skin gets all irritated, so I end up wearing cheaper fabrics…or cashmere. Cashmere is so expensive, but I’m trying to invest in pieces slowly since they’ll last me longer. I ordered this cashmere sweater at the Nordstrom Half Yearly sale and it’s perfect. Gorgeous fit and so soft! It’s a little sheer but with a nude bra (I have this one), it’s totally fine. I’m planning to buy other colors since it’s still on sale and by far the most affordable cashmere I’ve seen. I’m now up to a grand total of two cashmere items. 😉  For reference, I ordered a Petite Small and it’s a little loose, which I like.

Halogen Cashmere Sweater

jeans (OBSESSED) | similar booties (on sale!) | sweater | necklace | similar earrings | lip gloss (shade is The Warning)

Alright, I’m off to take Maizey potty and then hammer out some work. Hope you have a great weekend and STAY WARM!

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    Christina Orso

    I can’t wear wool either. Twins. Duh.

  • Reply

    I was just thing about how I wanted to re-read Jane Eye to see if I still liked is as much as I did in college when I read it – not going say how many years ago that was, lol. So I’m adding this to my list!

  • Reply

    what color is the lip gloss 😉 SWAK

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    Jocelyn Courtney

    Hey Teri! Long-time reader here 🙂 This is super random, but I’ve always been slightly obsessed with your hair. Whatever way it’s cut or colored, it always looks good! My question is this: how would you describe your current cut? Is it an A-line? Bob? Normal straight-across? Haha. I’m getting a trim on Tuesday, and would love something similar!

    • Reply
      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      aghhh I’m SO sorry I didn’t reply in time for your hair appointment!! My stylist was traveling and I couldn’t get a hold of her to get an answer on how to describe it. She said my cut Is pretty blunt but slightly stacked messy layers in the back! I hope that helps for next time! (And thank you for your kind words about my hair! SO flattering!!)

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