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Friday Favorites: what I’m loving while staying at home

I used to do Friday Favorites on a regular basis but it’s been a long time since the last one. Someone on Instagram asked me to write a blog post with things that I’ve been especially loving during this weird coronavirus time, so I thought it was a perfect excuse to bring Friday Favorites back!

What I’m loving lately

When my blowdryer broke, this came HIGHLY recommended. And I especially love it right now since (a) I can’t get a haircut and I have SO MUCH hair and (b) it dries my hair SO quickly so it makes getting ready every day easier! (And you know how I feel about that when working from home!)

I wear these all day long unless I’m putting on sneakers for a walk (usually 2-3x a day)

These are the sneakers I put on! They’re so comfy and so cute with jeans! (I shared them in my working-from-home cozy must-haves!)

I subscribed to this to support Des Linden’s coffee company and Tommy and I both agree that it’s seriously DELICIOUS. I love our mornings where we both sit in bed drinking coffee for about 20 minutes. (It’s part of my daily routine!)

This makes me happy every morning since I’m super homesick. (They make mugs for every state!)

When I’m feeling blah, this helps! Tommy always says how much he likes my lipstick when I wear this color too – and I’m glad because, uh, he’s the only one seeing it on me right now.

I got this a few months ago and since then, I haven’t touched any of my other purses. I LOVE THIS THING. While I originally got it to carry my laptop to and from my coworking office (which I’ve since stopped using), I’ve really loved having the larger size. I’ve never been a large tote person but I’m hooked. I loved it so much that I even got my mom one for Mother’s Day. I got her the smaller St. Anne Petite Handbag version in Navy French Stripe. When I go to the grocery store or physical therapy (about the only places I’m venturing out to these days), it fits my mask, a water bottle, hand wipes, antibacterial spray, a jacket (since the weather has been so finicky!) and PLENTY of room for anything else.

What you loving lately?

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    i keep looking at that hairdryer……..

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    Eilish Fitzgerald

    The different pairs of sweatpants, yoga pants, shorts, etc. I change into after my work is done for the day, chapstick,my rain jacket since it’s been raining a lot on my runs, Spotify premium , my greens powder because I’m awful at eating my vegetables every, my face mask for when I go to the grocery store, go to the pharmacy Fire Dept. Coffee in doughnut shop, and mios and crystal light that I’ve been using to help me drink more water, and importantly, sleeping in and being safe at home

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