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Friday Favorites: the best bras ever, my favorite lip gloss and new running shoes

Happy Friday!! I started my day with a 6 mile run with Christian. She and I met via Instagram (like all my friends, really) and we instantly hit it off after one run. I’m so sad that she is leaving Winston since we met only a few months ago, BUT she is moving back at the end of the year! I’m so grateful for the friendships I make through blogging and that the friendships grow in a way that only running can bring (you fellow runners know what I mean!).

It’s been a while since I’ve done Friday Favorites! I started keeping a list of things I was loving, and it’s a random assortment of things. But that’s kind of my favorite. 🙂

Friday Favorites

ThirdLove Bras

The first one is a little personal, but I have to share because I know it’s something all women struggle with – finding a good bra. (I know because I texted about 10 of my friends asking for their favorites and no one had a favorite.)  I kept seeing ThirdLove bras advertised on Facebook, their social media marketing worked on me, and I eventually poked around their website and liked what I saw. (Their social media marketing worked on me;  I loved that I could try them on at home and they have a great return policy, so I figured I’d give it a try. Shopping for bras, picking out bras and spending money on bras is my LEAST favorite thing, so anything that can simplify it, I’m all for. 🙂

The verdict: I LOVE THEIR BRAS. I’ve always had issues with straps falling off my shoulders and no bra is ever comfortable, but these are ridiculously comfortable and the straps don’t slip! I got the Off the Grid set, and I’m planning to buy their classic strapless and t-shirt bras next. And no, this isn’t sponsored – they have no idea that I exist. 🙂 But they get an A+++++ review from me. I love when I find a brand of something that means I don’t have to keep searching for the best “x” of whatever I need!ThirdLove Bra review

New Balance Zante V3

I’ve gushed about the New Balance Zantes V3 before (on the blog and on Instagram), but they deserve another gushing now that I’ve put 60+ miles on them. I loved the V2 model I had first (review here) and I ran a marathon in them, and I like the V3 even better. They feel more cushioned on the top of the foot, which is nice, and the color goes with everything. But most importantly, they’re great to run in. I like them for long runs, speed work and tempo work. Highly recommend if they fit your foot type! (I run in a neutral shoe and prefer a minimal drop – these have a 6mm drop.) The only downside is on trails – they don’t have a ton of traction so I feel a little slippery at Salem Lake, so I’ll wear different shoes when I venture out there.


Beautycounter Lip Gloss

I’m obsessed with all things Beautycounter and I have a new favorite product – their lip gloss. It’s so flipping pretty, not sticky and makes me feel instantly polished. (Here’s the full list of Beautycounter products I use.)

If you’re not on my Beautycounter newsletter, you may have missed the memo that Beautycounter is having an ahhhhmazing promo right now where you get the cleansing balm (my FAVORITE face cleanser) for FREE with a $150 purchase. The cleansing balm normally costs $80 and I’ve never seen them give it away as a free gift so I HIGHLY recommend taking advantage of the promo if you’ve been wanting to try it! The promo ends on Sunday, July 30 so hop to it. (You can sign up for my newsletter to hear about future promos here.)

These pictures of Maizey

She’s just the best and I’m so grateful for her. She turns 9 this year, she is so sweet and sassy and she’s my favorite little sidekick. She’s been with me through a lot, and I’m excited to be a little family with Tommy in just a few months once we’re married! 🙂 She adores him. (Oh hey, me too.)

exact sunglasses | similar earrings

She has a million nicknames, but my favorite is Maizey Bean. She looks like a little kidney bean when she sleeps! I love waking up to her in the mornings and seeing how adorable she looks. (Heaven help me when I have kids – I’m gonna be obsessed.)

Alright, I’m off! Gotta run some errands! Hope you have a GREAT weekend!!

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    I held out on the Third Love bras for a while, but they really are magical. Now I just need like four more to include in my rotation because every time I wear a not Third Love bra I realize just how uncomfortable my old bras were.

  • Reply

    You have such great taste (in makeup, clothes, bags – gah!) I always find myself wanting to buy everything you recommend haha! I love ThirdLove, too.

  • Reply

    I’ve been looking at Third Love bras for awhile and just haven’t pulled the trigger. My size isn’t available for the Try Before You Buy option, but I just may bite the bullet soon. And I’m always looking for new running shoes to rotate in with my regulars. But i can’t do narrow shoes. How are NB in that regards?

    • Reply
      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      I was going to do the Try Before You Buy and just bit the bullet too. I’m glad I did!

      I can’t wear narrow running shoes either (I have wide feet) and I like the New Balance than anything else I’ve tried! What do you run in now?

      • Reply

        Currently running in Saucony Rides and Nike pegasus. I’m going to try NB next time I need a new pair. Which is probably in the next week or two….

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