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Friday Favorites: Travel Snacks Edition

Tommy and I are headed to Utah this evening – yay! I took Maizey to the kennel bright and early this morning and took our traditional pre-drop-off selfie, which she obviously loves.


And then I stopped at Camino for a yay Friday/yay vacation treat before heading home to start my workday. Their gluten-free walnut maple scone was so good, especially after I popped it in the microwave for 30 seconds.


We have an evening that is right in the middle of dinner and since our layover is short and we won’t have time to grab real (albeit subpar airport) food. And airplane food freaks me out. So I ate a light lunch (spinach, carrots, tomato salad topped canned salmon & sunflower seeds) and then I’ll an early dinner packed with protein. I know I get snacky when I fly so I also packed some goodies for the trip. These are some of my favorites!

1. Quest Bars – high protein & their flavors are amazing

2. Pure Organic Ancient Grains Bars – these are slightly sweet and I love the chewy texture

3. Reed’s Crystallized Ginger – I always get a little queasy and these settle my stomach

4. Justin’s almond butter and peanut butter squeeze packs. I’ll probably throw in a few Justin’s peanut butter cups for good measure. 🙂

5. Walnuts, dried cherries and jumbo raisins


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It also worked out great that the Vitamin Shoppe sent me a little goodie pack right before this trip. I was SUPER excited to see Krave Jerky in the box – I LOVE it but I’m always too cheap to buy it. I had never tried a D’s Natural No Cow Bar but I ate it right after I took this picture so I could give you an opinion on it. At first the texture was a little dry, but I ended up really liking it after a few bites. (I wish I had saved it for the trip!) PLUS, it doesn’t have psycho ingredients; I knew what everything listed was. Woot!


I take melatonin very occasionally when I go through a spell where I’m having trouble sleeping (and that typically happens leading up to travel), so I took a few drops last night and slept like a baby. I’m intrigued by the Ashwagandha extract which is supposed to help with stress. The first time I had Ashwagandha was in  Addictive Wellness Chocolate  on a very crazy day at work, and I swear it helped calm me. (I’m curious, have any of you tried out ashwagandha? What’s your experience?)


I can’t wait to see my family and introduce Tommy to everyone and show him where I grew up! Wish us luck with the weather (it’s supposed to snow in Utah this weekend, while it’s 65 degrees in Winston-Salem) and, more importantly, with my 5 brothers. 😉

What do you pack when you travel? I get in a rut!

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    yessssss to candied ginger!

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    Really excited for you! Enjoy your weekend with Tommy & your family!! 🙂

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    Sara @ Oats & Rows

    Packing is always so stressful for me! I never know what to pack, go back and forth between items, and then end up either packing more than enough or the exact opposite- nothing. The latter happened a couple weekends ago when I went to NYC.

    Have such a wonderful time with Tommy and your family!

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      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      I have a method that seems to make it much easier – I have an “always pack” list that I keep on my phone and in Google Drive (like deodorant, blowdryer, running clothes, etc.). Then, I outline my outfits for each day and then pack those clothing items. It’s kind of like meal planning for fashion. 😉 Maybe try that?

      Thanks for the well wishes! <3

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    Great snacks! Love planning travel snacks – I think it’s fun!

    Have such a blast with Tommy and your fam…I remember introducing my fam to my husband and vice versa – so many emotions but so great! Tommy seems so wonderful and your family sounds so awesome too. Have a great weekend at home!

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