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Gift Ideas for Busy People

Gift ideas for busy people.

Everyone is busy. Seriously. But, we all have a friend who seems to fit more into their days and their life than even seems possible. And it also seems that person is kind of impossible to shop for because they just have their ish together. This gift guide is for that person.


Push Pin Travel Map

This is, hands down, my favorite gift idea. And, okay, I am TOTALLY biased because this is what I got Tommy for our one-year anniversary and he LOVED it.

This Push Pin Travel Map (true to its name) comes with little pins to put in the places you’ve been. It’s perfect for people who love to travel or who are constantly making future plans to travel. The map and framing is gorgeous; I was blown away with the quality when it arrived. I want one for my place now.

They sell both U.S. and world maps and you can pick different map colors and frame types. I got Tommy the Earth Toned map in a cherry frame so it would match his office.

push pin travel map

Cost: $120-$140, depending on the frame you select 


Note: If you don’t order in time for Christmas (we all get busy and leave some gifts to the last minute, right?) get some pins to give on Christmas Day with a note about the map that’s coming.

Tommy had so much fun thinking back to all the places he’s been and putting pins in. It was really fun hearing his travel stories too. SAM_2408

When I gave him the gift, since we haven’t travelled much together (yet!) I wrote on little cards places we have talked about going and stuck pins in those cards. 🙂


Fitness Tracker

I have given fitness trackers as gifts for years and they’re always a hit. I’m currently partial to the Garmin vivofit 2 since you don’t have to charge it, but FitBit and Jawbone are ones I’ve purchased in the past.

Cost: $70-$150, depending on the brand & model


Coffee Gift Basket

You can create your own using local beans + locally designed mug, or you can save yourself some time and order one that’s already assembled. Overstock has some great coffee-lover gift baskets! This one looks delicious.

Cost: $10-$25, depending on what you include!


Funny Notepad

Busy people either live by notepads or they could really use a lesson in how to use a notepad. 😉 I love the Get Shit Done notebook and Nordstrom has a surprisingly great selection of notepads (funny and pretty options).

Cost: $10-20

81KSM0etiDL._SL1500__12846008Okay, your turn to share! What gifts do you give to the busiest person you know? I’ve LOVED reading your gift ideas on the other gift guides – seriously so helpful! If you missed them, here’s the gift guide for runners, the gift guide for CrossFitters, and gift guide for your husband!


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  • Reply
    Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine

    I’ve always loved those push pin maps!! (If I ever get to travel I want one!)

  • Reply

    I bought that map for my parents last year and it’s one of their favorite gifts ever!

  • Reply

    I love push pin maps! My grandfather had one that was raised to illustrate the mountain ranges and I was always mesmerized by it. This year we got my partner’s dad one with all the MLB ballparks since he plans to visit all of them now that he has entered retirement –

    • Reply
      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      I love the story about your grandfather’s map – so sweet! And that sounds like a cool map! That is SUCH a good retirement gift!!!! Filing that idea!

  • Reply

    Love the map! I just saw it on a wedding registry. Looks so classy!
    The busiest people on my list are a mom friend (5 kids!) who is also super crafty, and our kids’ teachers! My mom-friend is getting a fun coffee mug that speaks to her non-parenting pursuits. We don’t typically exchange gifts, but this particular mug was just meant for her! It’s not super-fancy, but I think she’ll love it. One of the teachers is getting a bag of local coffee and a hand-stamped spoon (“coffee first, then run”). Still working on an idea for the other teacher – gotta pull that one together FAST!

  • Reply

    Thank you so much for the push pin map idea! My boyfriend will love it.

    I gave my busy, traveler friend a new wallet and passport case – she doesn’t think to get them for herself and her current ones are worn from many flights!

    • Reply
      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      Oh the wallet and passport case are brilliant gifts!!! I love gifts that people don’t want to or don’t think to buy themselves but they love having. I got a really nice make-up bag last year that I never would have spent money on, but I LOVE it!

  • Reply
    Kalynn C.

    I got my husband a similar map for his birthday one year called the Scratch Map. It’s like a lottery ticket and you scratch off the gold overlay to reveal the colors of the map showing where you’ve gone. He’s been to a lot more places than I have, but we made it a point to only scratch off places we go together so that we can see them and remember them all. It’s pretty neat and a cheaper option for someone with a lower budget! I kind of wish I knew about the map you got before because it is definitely beautiful!

    • Reply
      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      I’ve just learned of those scratch-off ones – sounds fun! Maybe you can get a second map for an office someday! 🙂

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