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Gift Guide for Kids Under 5

I’ve never done a gift guide for kids until this year, and I’m so excited. Thomas went through a major spatula phase (seen in this post!) but he’s starting to love “real” toys which is just as much fun for me as it is for him!

Creating a gift guide for kids (which is a popular request in my IG DMs!) is a little difficult because kids are so different, ages matter a lot for toys, and boys and girls may prefer different things. And since I only have a 1 year old, I’m not completely well versed in what children up to age 5 like, and especially little girls! So I polled some friends, talked to my nanny, stalked the internet, rounded up the best picks I could. I would LOVE if you’d leave comments on this post with gifts you’re buying or that were a hit with your kids in the past! That way we can all reference them later!

Okay then, ready? Let’s jump in.

Gifts for Kids Under 5

Gifts for Kids Under 5

All ages

These are gifts that have sizing ranging all the way up to 5 year olds, and I love LOVE LOVE them. We’re huge Hanna Andersson fans in this house, and the Christmas PJs just about send me over the edge.

Long John Pajamas

I love this print. It’s festive without being too tacky (although, tacky Christmas PJs are okay too ;)). These are organic cotton and we’ve loved everything we’ve bought from here.

Neutral Little Knit Kit 

I love these little knit tops for Thomas! The colors are gender neutral so they’re perfect hand-me-downs too! They’re super soft and not itchy. If you live somewhere cool, these are warm layers too!

Lovevery Play Kits

Thomas (and I) love these. The play kits have age appropriate, adorable toys in each box (but not too many toys, thank goodness), and they quality is really nice. It’s convenient and fun to get toys that are made for your child’s age, and to be surprised when the boxes come each month.

Lovevery Play Kits are designed to be a subscription, and you get a new kit delivered every 3 months. What a great gift – new toys every three months that are catered to your child’s age! You can also purchase the playkits individually rather than the subscription but we LOVE the subscription.

Gifts for babies and toddlers

Gifts for Kids Under 5

Little Dreamer Blanket

I got this in the mail a few days ago and it’s SO sweet. This brand also makes a teether that Thomas LOVES.

Little Dreamer Blanket

0-1 Years

Ugg Booties

Have you ever seen something so cute in your life? These little UGG booties would be perfect for our mountain adventures since it’s getting cold up there! They come in a few sizes ranging from 0-18 months.

Play sink

Thomas LOVES his play sink, with or without the water! When it’s warm out, we take it out on the deck. When it’s too cold for that, it’ll be a great bathtub activity! The dials are all turnable it encourages kinesthetic development and he has honestly been drinking out a cup better after playing with the cups in this set, even empty.

Gifts for Kids Under 5

Gifts for Kids Under 5

Robeez Shoes 

While babies aren’t walking much, sometimes their little feet need some warmth or protection when you’re out and about. I LOVE these little slip on shoes for kids under 18 months, especially since Thomas just pulls socks right off but he leaves these on.The Dino Dan Soft Soles Grey design is something I’d buy for Thomas.

1-2 Years 

Retrospec Cricket Baby Walker Balance bike with 4 Wheels

This little balance bike is perfect for ages 12-24 months. I love the colors and I know Thomas would love playing on it. I can’t wait until he can ride along on our walks (except I also can wait, time slow down!). This is $50 and comes in 10 colors. Pretty freaking cute too. I’m definitely buying this for him for Christmas.

3-Piece Activity Table

We have this little table set in Thomas’s room and it’s perfect! He’s just getting big enough to sit in the chairs, and it can be used all the way up through age 7! I know we’ll love it over the years for crafts and playing! Tommy sits on the chairs at bedtime to read him a book so it’s safe for adults… so far, ha!

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe

These little cars are the iconic child’s present. Even Hannah had one when she was little and has a million photos in it. This is a great gift for someone Thomas’ age (1.5ish) because you can help push them while they learn to push themselves in it. Such a fun driveway toy.

Little Tikes Lawn Mower 

These are so cute to me. Thomas LOVES watching work crews anytime they’re near our house, so I’d imagine this is a great toy for any toddlers who are walking pretty well.

3-4 years

Little Tikes BBQ Grill

So.stinking.cute. I think I should snag this for Thomas (it’s 18 months and up, so we could save it for a bit) because we are “foodies” in our house after-all ;).

Kids Tumbling Mat

These are great for your playroom, living room, or outside. It’s a soft pad for them to try out cartwheels, handstands, you name it. And it folds up for easy storage!

FoxPrint Rocket Ship Tent

This is such a fun tent or fort for little boys or girls (two different designs!). I love the idea of reading books to Thomas in one of these. And the price is unbeatable. It would be cute to have to have it set up as surprise from Santa on Christmas morning. I think I’ll put this in Boone since our living room is a bit bigger there.

83 Hands-on S.T.E.A.M Experiments for Curious Kids Book

These science projects would be fun to do with your kids, and a great thing to have on hand for rainy days!

Patrol Rescue Mission Wooden Dashboard

I know Thomas will love this when he’s older. I used to love pretending to drive as a little kid!

Keyboard Playmat

Even I want this! It’s huge so your kids use their feet to play each key. You can roll it up and store it easily too.

Doctor Set 

If your son or daughter loves to play doctor, they’ll love this set! It has all the essentials (even little lotion bottles, so cute!) and a cute little doctor bag. It has great reviews!

Light Up Soccer Ball

SO fun for these shorter days when it’s dark by 5:30!

Good Wood Mini Golf Game

Okay this is my favorite find for this section since we’re a golf family. Look how pretty the whole set is! Tommy would love to have this too 🙂

The Nugget

I hear the best things about this couch! You configure it however you want to, so you can make forts, castles, you name it. It’d be ideal for a playroom or your child’s bedroom!

Gifts for Kids Under 5

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Please drop any other ideas you have below!

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