Gluten-Free Food Favorites

I haven’t shared some of my favorite gluten-free goodies with you lately. Here’s what I’ve been munching on and loving.

I got a big (free) shipment from Harvest Snaps with multiple bags of their Snapea Crisps and Lentil Crisps. I’ve tried four flavors so far and really liked them all. Perfect salty, crunchy snack with a decent dose of protein and fiber. Bottom line: yes, I’d spend my money on these.  (I got some of my friends hooked on them too when they tried them during Girls Weekend.)

IMG 0084

I haven’t had gluten-filled pancakes in years, but from what I remember, these gluten-free taste just like “normal” pancakes. I’m definitely going to stock up the next time I see these on sale at Whole Foods.  It’s the best gluten free pancake mix I’ve had. They also have a recipe for Irish soda bread on the back, which I used to make all the time and loved.  (FYI, I bought this with my own moolah.)

IMG 0101

(These are excellent with a side of bacon and black coffee.)

I loooove these Lentil Crackers. They are so crisp and crunchy. I eat them with hummus, cheese or plain. They also have a hefty dose of protein — 5g per serving! — which is nice! I got some free packages in the mail but have bought them with my own money multiples times. 

DSC 0009 NEF

OK, this isn’t a GF thing necessarily but I’m so excited about it I had to share. My boyfriend found a chocolate bar that doesn’t have soy! Almost all chocolate has soy lecithin and since I’ve figured out that soy contributes in a major way to my breakouts, I’ve been eliminating all things with soy, as much as possible. And until now, I couldn’t find dark chocolate. But he found this one – and it’s tasty!

IMG 0043

What’s your latest & greatest gluten-free discovery?

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    Those lentil crackers are my favorite gluten-free find. I’m not gluten free myself, so I don’t search things out but I picked those up at the store one day and fell in love. They are delicious.

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    mmmm costa rica chocolate. I had some when I went there in February. now I feel like I need to go back and have some more! and I love snap pea crisps. they make me happy.

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    I am in love with Cinnamon Chex gluten-free cereal. YUM! I eat it as snacks and by the handfuls. 🙂

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    Melissa C

    I just discovered Udi’s chia millet bread and mighty bagels! Every time I run a race, I am always drooling over the bagel selection, but unfortunately I cannot indulge. Now I have my own bagels to look forward to after races 🙂

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    The pancake mix looked very good. Right now I’m using some protein powder to reduce the gluten, but I have not found a very good gluten free recipe yet. Will try to find this one for sure.

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    I saw the Snapea Crisps the other day and almost picked them up. Guess I have to go back now and get them. They look really good. 🙂

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