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Current Snacking Obsession: Good Source Foods Dark Chocolate Clusters Review

Good Source Foods Dark Chocolate Clusters are my current snacking obsession. I shared why I love them, how they’re different from regular chocolate and where to buy them! Be sure to get the promo code at the bottom of the post for 50% off!!!

Fun fact: I eat chocolate multiple times throughout the day. And, I’d say at least once a week, I have chocolate with or right after breakfast. Hey, don’t judge me – it’s great with coffee!
I hate milk chocolate, but give me dark chocolate and I’m happy. I can thank my mom for the dark chocolate obsession. She and I even mail chocolate bars to each other (she lives in Utah, I’m in NC) after we try one we love. It does, however get a bit tricky in the hot summer months. 😉

And here’s the latest one I can’t wait to send to her (sorry for the spoiler mom!): Good Source Foods Chocolate. These dark chocolate clusters are packed with other healthy ingredients, tailored for the time of day you eat them. There are AM, mid-day, and evening snacks, each made with specific ingredients to promote whatever your body needs during that part of they day. So, in the morning for example, the snacks contain green tea (caffeine) and pomegranate (for memory).

They’re low in sugar, high in protein and fiber, which helps create slow metabolizing carbohydrates. So what does that mean? No sugar and energy crash after you eat them. Check out this page on their website about Nature’s Glycemic Index to learn more.

Good Source Foods Dark Chocolate Clusters

Good Source Foods Dark Chocolate Clusters Good Source Foods Dark Chocolate Clusters

Good Source Foods Snack Review

Let me count the ways I love these.

1. Not overly sweet

I was interested to see what these really tasted like since I’m a bit of a dark chocolate snob and I was so pleasantly surprised. They have a rich dark chocolate flavor without being overly sweet (which I hate!). Chocolate that has too much sugar sometimes tastes waxy or leaves a nasty aftertaste. Not these. They taste like a treat but aren’t icky sweet. Perfect balance.

And since they have added ingredients vs. straight dark chocolate, even milk-chocolate lovers will love these! My husband prefers much prefers milk chocolate over dark so I used him as my taste tester and he gave them two thumbs up!

2. Satisfies my craving

You know how some snacks make you want to keep eating more and then you’ve ruined your lunch or you just want to lay down? That’s not the case with these. Two or three of the clusters is plenty for me, even though more come in each snack package. (I plan to buy the resealable option next for that reason!) The brand claims that these satisfy your craving without overeating and that’s proven 100% true for me.  I eat them more than just a few times a day. Scott Repinski knew what he was doing (He’s the co-founder!). All of them have 5g of saturated fat, and no trans fat.

3. No energy crashes

This is another major win in my book. As I mentioned above, the morning snacks have green tea extract in them so you get a caffeine kick. But the beauty of using green tea extract is that there’s no crash like other forms of caffeine. I used to drink almost 6-8 cups of coffee a day, so I’m wary of adding caffeine that will make me jittery since I broke that habit. These don’t cause that jittery feeling at all and don’t cause a crash where I feel like I need more caffeine to stay focused.

4. Perfect for on-the-go

These come in small snack bag sizes and resealable bags. I like the resealable bags since I usually just want 2-3 at a time. But if you’re a person who struggles with portion control, then the small snack bag will be perfect for you! I REALLY wish I’d had these when I still worked in Corporate America since I ate chocolate every afternoon and sometimes I resorted to the crap candy in the community office treat bowl.

While the resealable bags are what work best for my pantry, the small snack bags have been great to throw in my purse so I always have a snack on hand. Pregnancy hunger hits often and hits HARD, and I’ve loved having these as an option! I also like taking them on hikes if it’s not too hot out. The small snack sized bags would be great for kids too!

Good Source Foods Dark Chocolate Clusters Review

Good Source Foods Dark Chocolate Clusters

Here’s an overview of the three different clusters and what ingredients are included in each for the right time of day. You can see all three options on their website here.

Morning Jump 

The Good Source AM chocolate clusters are designed to help enhance energy and focus. They contain ginger root, which helps with brain function and memory (as well as nausea for pregnant mamas like me!), and green tea to provide energy without the jitters or crash that coffee can cause. They also have almonds which are great for blood pressure and cholesterol control, as well as pomegranate seeds and blueberries for improved memory. I love that these all contain ingredients tailored to specific goals! I’ve also thought about adding these to greek yogurt in the mornings. Or overnight oats with chia seeds.

Afternoon Boost

These are the dream snack at 3PM. (I’m literally eating one right now as I’m about to hit publish on this post!!) The Afternoon Boost dark chocolate clusters have walnuts, which are rich in antioxidants and have been shown to improve cognitive performance. These also have dried apples for blood sugar control and digestive health. But my favorite part is the addition of cayenne pepper. I love the slightly spicy kick! And, cayenne helps reduce appetite so you avoid the dreaded afternoon snack attack and it also helps boost your metabolism. These are my absolute favorite of all three!

Evening Calm

These are the perfect post-dinner dessert. They’re made to promote relaxation and better sleep with dried cherries and lavendar. Dried cherries are a natural source of melatonin and lavender is known for its calming effects. The Evening Calm clusters also include turmeric, honey, oats and walnuts. While these were my least favorite of the trio (simply because I don’t love turmeric), I still enjoyed having them at night!

healthy snacks

Bottom Line

Good Source Food Chocolate Clusters are seriously delicious. While I did get to try them for free first to see if I liked them and then they sent me more to take some photos for this post, I would 100% spend my own money on these and plan to. (Yes, I ate the entire first shipment before I could even take photos, ahem. 😉 )

All of their products are Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten free and kosher.

While some stores carry them, you can buy them online with free shipping on all orders! Save 50% on your first purchase with promo code GSF50off!

Be sure to keep an eye on my Instagram account for a chance to win a prize pack of Good Source Food Chocolate Clusters!

Good Source Foods sponsored this post. A big thank you to them for not only supporting my blog, but also for providing a giveaway! 

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