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I recently partnered with Miracle-Gro on their Gro Something Greater campaign. I loved the premise of this campaign because it’s all about growing – but not just plants. With a garden, you might grow perspective, you might grow wonder, you might grow joy. I’ve always heard people say that they love gardening and I never really understood why, and now I think it’s because they were growing more than vegetables or plants or zinnias or whatever their lovely green thumbs nurtured. They were growing something that fulfilled them on a deeper level.

When I thought about what and how I’ve grown since I’ve been enjoying my lovely little AeroGarden and the fresh herbs, I realized that having fresh herbs on hand all the time has made me more creative in the kitchen. Rather than following recipes or sticking to my standard parsley and basil, I’ll grab a handful of multiple herbs and just start tossing them in recipes. Fresh oregano and savory are both herbs I hadn’t used much before, and now I love them. Having fresh herbs helped me grow a little more courage in the kitchen…because it’s hard to go wrong with fresh ingredients! 

Grow kitchen courage

You can see my Gro Something Greater story here and read other people’s Gro stories too! It’s pretty inspiring – growing communities, growing style, growing appreciation and more. All from a simple but mighty garden. 🙂

So now it’s your turn to take the Gro Challenge. Visit Gro Something Greater and submit your story and picture (or video) about what you’d grow or are growing. You could be featured on their Gro Something Greater homepage! And… you’ll also be entered to win a lovely little prize package: a (Moleskin!) Gardening journal, Gardening Shears, Gardener’s Hand Therapy Lotion, Gardener’s Soap, and a $50 AMEX gift card so you can buy seeds of your choosing to start growing!  

Just leave a comment on this post letting me know that you submitted your story/video/picture (and if you want to recap it for me too, even better!).

Happy growing! 🙂

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    Katie M

    Very interesting campaign. I submitted my story to the Gro Challenge, which I’ve excerpted below:
    Grow humble: Yoga, like gardening, can be very humbling. As much as I like to think that I am in control, often my body (or Mother Nature) just doesn’t cooperate. Each yoga practice/gardening season teaches me to be more humble. Regardless of how well I’ve done it before and how secure I feel in my previous accomplishments, each practice/season is an opportunity to fail and to learn something new. Only by growing more humble will I be able to grow stronger and brighter.

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    wild orchid

    Here is my story–“INSPIRATION TO EAT HEALTHIER–Since starting a square foot garden in our back yard last year, my son has a new appreciation for where his food comes from. He is only 4, but seeing our produce grow right in our back yard has given him the extra push he needs to eat the more of the veggies he sees on his plate.”

    I submitted on the website as Gina Maddox, Chesterfield, VA with a pic!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

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    Anna Pry

    I submitted a photo about my kids and learning to love playing outside
    [email protected]

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    Harmony B

    I submitted my story, the link to my share https://twitter.com/hburmeister/status/444091290175537152

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    I submitted my story about the year where my cucumber plant killed half of my yard…. I ended up canning 20 jars of pickles and 20 or relish and am still eating through all of those dang pickles!

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