Gym Etiquette & a Trip to Westbend Vineyard

Hey guys! I just finished another sweaty treadmill run. Sounds like people don’t mind the newbies with the New Year’s crowd other than their lack of gym etiquette. Funny enough, I was thinking about this the other day when I saw multiple people talking on their phone while working out on the elliptical and multiple others not wipe down their machines. I wondered if they were just inconsiderate or truly didn’t know better. So perhaps gyms need to include a gym etiquette handout to new members. I’d love to hear in the comments what you think should be on that list!

Anyway, I want to share my weekend with you because it was awesome! The weather was amazing, unlike today’s all-day rain  Since it was a beautiful 65* (in January!!), a friend and I headed out to explore a few local vineyards. There are probably over a dozen within an hours drive of where I live and the two we went to were only about 20 minutes away.

Our first stop was Westbend Vineyard. It’s the oldest vineyard in NC.

20130112 143050

They have a great patio that I’d love to spend a day on in the spring with a picnic.

20130112 135714

I liked the exposed beams in their tasting room.

20130112 142618

And I really liked this back room where you can linger if you want. I want to plan a party just so I can have it in this room. It was so cozy!

20130112 135923

Westbend also has a brewery and was serving four of their beers on tap. We watched the last 30 seconds of the Duke/NC State game in there, but skipped the beer tasting and headed for the wines.

20130112 140304

We did their Reserve tasting and I really enjoyed the wines there but the guy doing our tasting was kind of a jerk, so that was a bummer.

20130112 141727

This Barrel Fermented Chardonnay was incredible! It had a really complex flavor for a chardonnay. I ended up buying a bottle.

20130112 141118

I totally forgot to take any pictures of me or my friend – oh well! The wine bottles were looking better than I was; I left the house with wet hair and minimal make-up, pretending it was summer.;) We left Westbend and headed to Divine Llama. But more on that tomorrow! 🙂

(Sorry to my friends and family suffering through teens and negative temperatures in Utah! Just a reminder…I have a cozy guest bed! 😀 )

What would you put on a Gym Etiquette list? Mine would definitely be to not talk on your phone in workout areas, wipe down your equipment and re-rack your weights!




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  • Leslie Greening

    If you see someone clearly waiting for a machine, be considerate of your workout time. If you’re a gym rat, you can return to that machine later!

    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      truth. but it does suck to have to abide by the 30 min. rule when you’re in the middle of a stellar run, like I was last night. But I sucked it up and got off. are you proud? 🙂

      • Leslie

        haha very, but i get it. i kinda meant if you are walking on a treadmill going 2 miles an hour and chatting with your neighbor, and someone clearly wants to run 5 miles in intervals and is fitter than you, get the eff off the machine. kinda like if you’re wearing khakis, hold it til the race starts.

  • BroccoliHut

    Interestingly enough, my gym (the local YMCA) doesn’t allow cell phones in the gym, and people seem to abide by it! I use mine just to listen to music (as do others), but thankfully I haven’t witnessed anyone chatting loudly on their cell phones. yay!

    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      wow, no cells phones at all? Interesting. I use mine for music and TV while working out too. I’d die without my Hulu Plus app on my phone to watch Revenge while on the elliptical! 🙂

  • Anne

    I am not a fan when people have full on conversations with their friends in the middle of intense spin classes, I tend to lose my focus.

    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      what? people do that?? Clearly they aren’t working hard enough! 😉 I have seen that at the beginning and end of class but never in the middle.

      • Joi

        Anne I totally agree with you! Terri, it’s terrible in a class like BODYPUMP when you have to switch weights out. As an instructor it’s a fine line in “disciplining” the members to pipe down so beginners can hear safety set up cues & ticking them off to the point they don’t want to return. I particularly would appreciate ppl wearing appropriate underwear (bras in particular…I can do without the headlights!) & wiping those deodorant balls from up under their arms, that’s just plain lazy!

  • becky

    I’m so darn picky about cleanliness that I now do not use a gym. I just kept getting fed up with stinky, sweaty people all around, huffing and puffing through their workouts and then not wiping down the equipment properly. Plus I like to work out alone just fine at home. I will jump rope if I have to at home for cardio. And over time have accumulated the few pieces of equipment that I need. I do still attend yoga classes at a nice studio and that’s money well spent. Mad props to all you ladies who are committed to your gym routines, that is wonderful. I say just pretend like you work there and type up your own gym rules and pass them out to those who don’t comply. :))

    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      ah, now that is an option! Sometimes I wish I had a gym at home but there is something about the gym setting that motivates me. I never touch the weights I DO have at home!

  • Gina @ Health, Love, and Chocolate

    This likes the perfect way to spend an unusually warm weekend. The worst thing for me with gym etiquette is when people take the time to wipe down there machines before they use them but not after!

  • Jen E.

    I no longer go anywhere near the locker room at our gym after having to view a woman dying her hair in the buff. I don’t think that the appropriate time or place to be doing that!

    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      I HATE that!!!! I mean, good for them and their confidence and all, but it makes me so uncomfortable!

  • Mina

    I would tell people to wipe down their machines when they’re finished and to go easy on perfume/cologne. Ideally there would be no perfume/cologne!

    Sounds like a prefect weekend! We had unseasonably warm weather too. 65 degrees on Sunday in NE Ohio. I loved it (i ran in shorts and a tshirt!) but at the same time it worries me……


    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      ugh yes, how did i forget about perfume/cologne! I’ve seriously had to move treadmills before because the guy’s cologne next to me caused my throat to close up!

  • Sharla

    Aah – you have touched on one of my pet peeves. I have a whole list (all things I’ve actually witnessed):
    1. I’m ok with your cell phone conversation as long as you don’t hover around a machine for 20 minutes talking and not actually use said machine. Also, stop talking about your “business deals” at the gym. Not cool.
    2. Don’t wear jeans. Obviously if you can do that and not be extremely uncomfortable, you’re not really working out.
    3. No Superman t’s. ESPECIALLY in the weight room.
    4. I’m pretty sure there’s a Senior Citizen’s center in town, no need to hang out on the couches drinking coffee and chatting about your grandchildren here.
    5. Don’t come drunk.

    That’s about it 🙂

    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      hahaha omg. Don’t come drunk. Please tell me you have ACTUALLY seen that!! LOL

      I don’t mind the older crowd hanging out and talking about their grandkids. I think it’s great they have a place to do that and they’re staying active. What a great social setting for them! And that’s the group I typically see in jeans, and shoot, at that age, I think they can wear whatever they want, especially if they are working out. Good for htem!

      • Connie

        think it’s great that they are in the gym. I would not want to have to hang out at a Senior Center just because I got old. If the gym doesn’t want them there, then don’t provide the coffee or the seats. I think it can be inspiring to see them working out, I hope to be like that too.

  • Crystal

    Ahhh I used to HATE when eople were on their cell phones!!

    At crossfit, my biggest newbie pet peeve is when people break the chalk! Don’t break the chalk!

  • Sarah

    I’m usually in a world of my own at the gym so rarely notice anything. Sure I don’t like waiting for a machine/weights, but have no problem if a machine/weight is legitimately being used.

    I am ok with cell phone use on a cardio machine (unless one is talking while in the cardio cinema where cell phone use is prohibited). I don’t even mind if the person is just walking on the treadmill because some people just don’t run (or can’t run). However, it annoys me when people use talk/text on their cell while on the other machines or are lifting weights. Just get off he machine/put the weights down for a minute while you fiddle with your phone! Yesterday, I saw someone texting while doing leg curls. Really, you need up that weight if you can text at the same time. Or, better yet, get out of the middle of the floor and stop using the machines/weights if you are texting. This person didn’t even look like she was trying.

  • Jess

    Biggest pet peeve at my gym: (1) ppl working out in Ugg boots, and (2) working out in dirty hospital scrubs. Gross.

  • Jean

    The dirty hospital scrubs get me as well but my biggest pet peeve is people who come to the gym sick!!! Ugh! Take the day off please. I do not want your cooties while trying to get my workout on. Hacking is NOT cool please don’t share!