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Half Marathon Training Week 2 and 3

My blog has been quiet the past couple weeks. Between my parents visiting (yay!), travelling for work, my blog having tech issues and not working (gah!) and then celebrating my birthday, blogging had to fall to the back burner for a bit. But I’m back!

I’ve still been training and running, and I apologize for not posting updates for those who were hoping to follow along with what I’m doing for your own training. So, I’ll group together the past two weeks. (You can find Week 1 here.)

Week 2 Half Marathon Training (8/25-31)

Monday’s prescribed workout (PW): 30 minutes, easy + 5 strides during the run
(note: strides just mean you pick up the pace – a gentle sprint for 15-20 seconds)
My workout: 32 minutes, 4.2 miles, 7:48 minute pace

Tuesday’s PW**45-55 minutes, easy
My workout: rest

Wednesday PW Rest
My workout: “Slugs”–47 minutes, 6 miles, 7:55 pace

Slugs are declining repeats with increasing speed. After a 1.5-2 minute warm-up, do a 1 mile, 3/4 mile, 1/2 mile and 1/4 mile interval (with 200m jog in between each). Try to start at your 5K pace with the mile and increase speed on each one.

Thursday’s PW**45-55 minutes, easy
My workout: Rest

Friday’s PW – Rest
My workout: 30ish minute run with 2×400 pick-ups (probably about 4 miles?)

Saturday’s PW  30 minutes, easy
My workout: High Country Half Marathon

Sunday’s PW – 6 miles + 4 miles at Goal Half Marathon Pace
My workout: rest

I had to tweak the week’s workouts because I had the half marathon. But luckily the week on the program was a designated recovery week, so it allowed me to rest my legs a bit going into the race.

Week 2 total mileage: 27

Week 3 (9/1-9/7)

Monday’s prescribed workout (PW): 30 minutes, easy + 5 strides during the run
(note: strides just mean you pick up the pace – a gentle sprint for 15-20 seconds)
My workout: rest/hike around the cabin

Tuesday’s PW**4×8 minute repeats @ 10K pace with 1:30 recovery jog in between
My workout: 4.38 miles, 37 minutes, 8:38 pace –> my legs were still killing me from the hilly half!

Wednesday PW 45-55 minutes, easy or rest
My workout: hot vinyasa class at Yoga One in Charlotte (I was travelling for work). I LOVED THIS STUDIO. I was glowing after class (well, once I got home and didn’t die driving home in the craziest rain storm I’ve ever seen in my life.)


Thursday’s PW**4 miles at goal half marathon pace
My workout: 7 miles, 53:38 minutes. Ran the prescribed 4 miles at 7 min/pace –> this was tough! I was still in Charlotte for work and had to do this on the treadmill so I kicked the incline up to 1.0.

I also attended a hot Vinyasa class at Y2 in Charlotte in the evening. I was BEAT after hot yoga the night before, the morning’s run and then this, class but I was dying to take a class from Jen while I was in Charlotte! She’s such a great instructor. I was a sweaty, trembling mess by the end. Can you see the sweat beads?? I didn’t stop sweating for over 30 minutes.


Friday’s PW – rest or non-impact workout, like yoga
My workout: 30 minute walk with Maizey

Saturday’s PW40-50 minutes, minutes, easy
My workout: 6 miles, 47:30, 7:55 pace

Sunday’s PW – 10 miles, easy
My workout: 10 miles + 2 miles cool down (run/walk) with Maizey

Week 3 total mileage: 29

**NOTE: Tuesday’s and Thursday’s workouts include 10-20 minutes warm-up running at an easy pace and a 10-20 minute cool down jog. These warm-ups and cool down will make the work portion better and help you up your mileage!

That’s a lot of information! Let me know if you have questions on any of my workouts. And let me know how your half marathon training is going! Hopefully you’re all running happy and injury free! 🙂

Keeping up with the prescribed training is tough when I have to travel, but I’m figuring it out. Life happens!

(And sorry for all the sweaty selfies! I don’t really have a way take pictures of me running and I’m sure you get sick of Garmin pics. Gotta keep it interesting somehow, right? I’ll try to up my picture game!)

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    Sam @ PancakeWarriors

    Love the pictures!! Hot yoga is always so hard for me to recover from as well! I normally roll up in the grocery store still sweating. I need to go check Jen’s class out as well (I live in the Charlotte area). Thanks for defining slugs 😉 I was like what the heck? Looks like your training is going well – keep up the great work! I’d love to see posts like this on the Fitness Friday linkup- hope to see you there 🙂

  • Reply
    Sam @ PancakeWarriors

    Hi! The Fitness Friday linkup is geared towards getting health and fitness bloggers together on Fridays to share a post from the week on the link up related to health or fitness (preferably what they post on Friday) but not necessary. The purpose will be to provide readers a place to go for inspiration on workouts or to see healthy recipes before they do their grocery shopping on the weekend. The hope is to also bring other bloggers together in a fun environment. I always enjoy the other link ups and have found a ton of blogs through them. Hope to see you there!!

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    Chelsea Dameorn

    I am running my very first half marathon this Saturday! I am nervous and excited. I have been training since the beginning of May and trained up to 10 miles then tapered down for a couple of weeks. I have read every blog post under the sun about halves but I am just nervous! The closer it gets the more I am just giddy. What kind of encouragement or advice would you have for a first timer?


    • Reply
      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      oooh so exciting!!! This is my advice – celebrate! You’ve done all the work leading up to the race; training is the hardest part. Now, the race is the celebration party for all your hard work! Have a great time and enjoy it! Good luck! Let me know how it goes!

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