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Half Marathon training: Week 4

I’ve been running half marathons for nearly 10 years. And what I’ve learned is that one of the most important parts of training is knowing when to push yourself and when to rest. You won’t make improvements without a little discomfort, but sometimes your body is just crying “uncle.” This week, my body cried uncle on Thursday. But otherwise, it was a great week of training!

M – Prescribed Workout (PW): 30 minutes easy with 5 strides
My workout: 30 minutes, 3.84 miles, 8 minute pace. I did this on the treadmill because it was pouring and I got really bored. So, I did my strides, but I also played around with the incline, varying from 1.0 to 4.5. It helped the time go by!

TPW: 4 x 8 minute repeats @ 10K pace, with 3 min jog in between (+ 2 mile warm-up and 10-15 minute cool down)
My workout: I did the prescribed workout with my repeats at a 7 min pace. Ended up doing 9.1 miles in 70 minutes. This workout really challenged me, but it felt great to do such a tough workout on my 30th birthday!

W – PW: 45-55 minutes, easy or rest
My workout:38 minutes, 4.6 miles. I had to cut this short since I got out the door late, waiting for a little more daylight. I also went to a rooftop yoga class that night. Awesome views and such a fun class!IMG_8111


Th – PW: 65-75 minutes, easy
My workout: skipped and took a rest day. I was just exhausted! I slept in until almost 7 and it felt great.

F – PW: rest
My workout: quick upper body weight lifting session + half-hearted core work

Sat – PW: 65-75 minutes, easy
My workout: 65 minutes, 8 miles, 8 min paceIMG_8187

I ran in tight shorts that I got from Fabletics. I’ve never run in tight shorts like this and I actually really liked it. I was a little self conscious because they are short, but they were super comfortable, even though they rode up a little. IMG_8185

Sun – PW: 11 miles; first 6 easy, last 5 at goal half marathon pace
My workout: 11.35 miles, first 6 @ 8 min/mi, last 5 at 7 min/mi. I felt great on this run, except when I hit hills on the last five. My hamstrings were shot and felt like they just couldn’t power me up the hill. I need to get in the weight room for some deadlifts and lunges.

Total Mileage: 37

(Following along to build your own training plan? Find Week 1 of training here and Week 2 & 3 here.)

When I get home from long runs, I immediately change into dry clothes because I get cold so quickly that my lips turn blue when I stay in wet clothes. I love this shirt that my neighbor got me for my birthday! And Maizey actually wanted to be in the picture! Can you believe it? IMG_8201

Do you get self-conscious wearing short-shorts? I totally do, but I’m trying to get over it and just run in what’s comfortable. I’m definitely too self-conscious to wear super short shorts in the gym, but I don’t mind it quite as much when I’m out on the road.

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    Happy birthday!!! I hope you had a wonderful day!

    I grew up a dancer in Florida and so spandex and shorts are pretty much what I Live in if I’m not in heels otherwise haha. I dread the day when I reach an age when it’s inappropriate for me to wear spandex shorts that day may have already come but I choose to ignore it 🙂

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    I did it! I ran my first half this weekend! It was tough but I loved the experience and will do another this spring!

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    Happy belated b-day!

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