Maizey/ Smoothies

Happy National Dog Day!

Today is a special day for 3 reasons:

1. It’s my dad’s birthday! Happy birthday Dad! I LOVE YOU!

2. It’s Friday.

3. It’s National Dog Day!


Maizey is already completely spoiled rotten, but I’m using today as an excuse to spoil her just a little more.

  • I took her on an extra long walk this morning
  • I sprinkled cheese over her food
  • I let her snuggle with me on the big couch (which she usually isn’t allowed on) during my morning quiet time
  • I took her outside for more snuggles once the sun was up — she loves sunbathing (don’t we all??) 🙂

Teri and Maizey

I also gave her a Grain-free CORE Turkey & Duck with Kale Superfood Protein Bar for a special treat this afternoon. She loves these things, and I love that they’re a healthy treat option. They’re not too heavy in calories and are packed with protein, both of which are important as my little miss Maizey gets a bit older. CORE superfood protein bars are grain-free and contain superfoods, like blueberries and flaxseed, to promote whole body health. (I feel like I could benefit from these protein bars! Ha! I put flaxseed and blueberries in my smoothie yesterday so I guess I’m set. 🙂 )
CORE superfood protein bars for dogs

How did you spoil your dog for National Dog Day? 

Is your dog allowed on furniture? Maizey isn’t allowed in my bed and she is allowed on the couch if a blanket is down, which she knows and follows…for the most part. 😉

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Thanks to Wellness CORE for sponsoring this post and for Maizey’s dog treats. She loves them! 



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