Healthy additions during the holidays

The holidays can be a total minefield. Cookies at the office. Pies at a holiday party. Mixed cocktails and wine at another holiday party. Red and green peppermint m&m’s. Care packages from Mom. So. much. sugar. And while I’m certainly not going to say no to the yumminess of the holidays (especially those care packages Mom! Keep that Amano chocolate and Utah truffles coming :D), I am trying hard to focus on keeping and adding lots of good things in my diet instead of just throwing my hands up in the air and saying I’ll get healthy come January.

Here’s what I’m trying to do:

  • Veggies at every meal
    • Breakfast: Serving my eggs over sauteed greens
    • Lunch: a salad stuffed with kale, arugula, brussels sprouts, cabbage and other shredded veggies, like carrots, zucchini or beets (shredded veggies just taste better than chopped ones)
    • Dinner: a side of roasted something, usually broccoli, brussels, or cauliflower
  • Fresh juice
    • On the days I JUST can’t fit in a veggie at every meal, I’m going to try to add in a fresh juice. There are a few places in town, but honestly, they’re a little out of hte way and I’m all about convenience this time of year (HELLOOOOO Amazon Prime), so for the quality + convenience factor, I’m a huge fan of  Project Juice.Amazing fresh juice delivered right to your door, no matter where you live
    • I’ve never had a flavor from Project Juice I don’t like, but these are ones are I always go back to Get Your Greens, Black Magic, Green Lemon, D-Tox and Turmeric Mylk.
  • Water Water Water
    • I used to think I drank plenty of water…but I recently started tracking it and I barely get to 8 cups a day, and sometimes I’m way below that. (Now if I’m tracking coffee instake…ahem, that’s another story…I get PLENTY of that.) I’ve started using Nuun tablets or lemon slices to help make water more appealing.

So instead of trying to restrict yourself during the holidays or labeling food as “bad”, try to focus on adding in good food and habits along with some of the treats. It’ll help keep you healthier – and saner.

If you want to try Project Juice out, use promo code afoodiestaysfit for 10% off your order. They have FREE shipping nationwide! (I’m all about free shipping.)

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