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Four Filling & Healthy Fall Salads

I think most people think of salads as a summer food, but my favorite salad combinations really have more a fall and winter theme. I love root vegetables in salads – they’re creamy, filling and almost like comfort food. My favorites to add to salads are roasted beets, butternut squash and sweet potatoes. I also tend to favor kale in my fall salads, but arugula and spinach are good too. I just mix up my greens depending on what I have in my fridge — and typically, I keep all three of those greens on hand.

These four healthy fall salads are some of my favorites combos as the weather cools down and they’re great throughout the winter too!

Four Filling & Healthy Fall Salads

Roasted Beet, Fennel, Walnut, & Goat Cheese Salad

This may be one of my favorite combinations. When you roast beets, they’re like nature’s candy. The combination of the roasted beets and fennel is so good, and you can’t go wrong with walnuts and goat cheese.

Kale Salad with Pomegranate & Walnuts (AKA The Most Festive Salad Ever)

The colors of this salad just scream the holidays. This salad has everything. It has a crunchy texture from the walnuts, delicious tang from pomegranate seeds, the perfect saltiness from manchego cheese and the power-packed nutrients of kale.

Cumin Shrimp & Butternut Squash Spinach Salad

I don’t think shrimp gets used enough, which is why I love this recipe. I wouldn’t have guessed it, but shrimp and butternut squash go so well together. The honey balsamic dressing brings all of the components of this salad together perfectly. Bonus: shrimp cooks SO quickly so this is a great lunch salad if you roasted the butternut squash in advance.

Pasta with Roasted Beets & Toasted Walnuts

Technically this is a pasta dish, but you could easily make this dish and leave out the pasta and toss with arugula for a warm salad. Or, you can just eat it like a pasta salad. Either way, this combo is one of my favorites. 

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