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Holiday Challenge #RWRunStreak + Last Week’s Workouts

This past week while I was in Pinehurst, I was able to get in some great runs. Nothing too long or too hard, which was really nice. We had gorgeous weather and I loved running on some quiet, peaceful trails in the neighborhood. I also loved running with Maizey; I started out on a solo run one morning and felt lonely, so I went back to get the pup. It’s really nice to be running just for pure pleasure and not worrying about my time or distance. I didn’t run with my Garmin Forerunner so I didn’t see my pace, but I did wear my Garmin Vivofit 2 so I could track my mileage that way. 

Since I’m trying to get in the habit of running more consistently and since I’m loving running with Maizey these days, I’m going to (try to!) do the Runner’s World Run Streak. The goal is simple – run at least one mile per day, every day, starting on Thanksgiving and ending on New Year’s Day. I’m a little bit nervous to be running everyday since my mileage is pretty low these days, but I’ll just listen to my body and perhaps do a run/walk if it’s just not feeling right! Running with Maizey definitely keeps it low-key and takes the pressure off to go far or fast. 🙂 Plus, I have to take her potty anyway so this is an efficient use of our time! I’m 5 days in and haven’t missed a day yet! wahoo! Is anyone else doing this? If you want to join, just start now. Running everyday in the month of December is a great way to kick it off! 

M – CrossFit

  • For time: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1: run 200 meters, KB snatch (i did one arm KB swings), Box Jumps. I finished in 12 minutes.
  • Back squats: 10 minute EMOM, 2 reps at 75% (I did 135 lbs)

T – brutal bootcamp

  • One of the coaches from the gym held a bootcamp for a group of friends since we wouldn’t be working out together on Thanksgiving. It was insane, but so fun to have a special class with some of my favorite people!
IMG 1760
IMG 1761

W – 1.5 mile run with Maizey

Th – 3 mile run/walk with Maizey

IMG 1608

F – 5.5 mile run (2.5 miles with Maizey, 3 solo) + strength on the deck

We also hit golf balls later in the day, which I totally count as a workout!
IMG 1676

S – 2.5 mile run with Tommy <3

Su – 2.7 miles with Maizey, my last run in Pinehurst before heading home and back to reality 🙁

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    Love these posts! They always get my booty to workout 🙂 super cute picture of you and Tommy!

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    That last pic of you two is SO CUTE! you are looking super extra sexy in it – and I LOVE your hair!! Makes me want to cut mine that exact length like tomorrow. Or maybe after I can wait till I get back from Mexico 😉

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    Love all the cute pictures of your and Tommy!

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