I am THAT dog person

I am THAT dog person who brushes her pup’s teeth. 

I am THAT dog person who has a seat belt for her pup. 

I am THAT dog person who has an entire room for her dog. 

I am THAT dog person who talks about her dog all the time. Some people talk about their kids…I talk about my dog. So it’s all fair. 

I am THAT dog person who has framed pictures of her pup all over the house. [And I’m saving up for a giant canvas print. yes, yes I am.]

And I am THAT dog person who takes her pup for a photo shoot when the azaleas are in full bloom.

DSC 0077 NEF

But come on! Look at that photo! Maizey is beautiful. 🙂 And so are the flowers.

DSC 0088 NEF 001

Are you THAT dog person too? Fess up.

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  • claire @ live and love to teat

    I’m totally that person – my husband, even more so! But I guess on a somewhat smaller scale, since ours is a Min-Pin. 🙂

  • Mrs Type A

    I am with you. I talk to Sam like he’s a person. I wonder what he’s thinking. Sometimes I wish I could text him when I’m at work and tell him I miss him and I’ll be home soon…. actually that last one was really embarrassing to admit, but there it is!

    • Joy

      Omg I totally want to text Dobby! I got him a twitter account with pup tweets – totally not the same but I pretend while I’m out!

  • Michelle @ Eat Move Balance

    I am now!! I just adopted a dog . . . and I’m in love!!! He is amazing and such a blessing in my life already. He will definitely be spoiled rotten. 🙂

  • Ashley N.

    YES! I moved back in with my Mom after graduating college in December and I think I was more excited about being back with my dog. 🙂 Simon is a black lab and just turned 5 last month. Totally obsessed with him and I talk to him like he’s my little child. Also, my Mom is looking at getting a black lab puppy next month(!!!!!), so bring on the puppy love. 🙂

  • Ashley

    Cute post! 🙂 The 2nd photo is hilarious! Tough girl!

  • Lizilla

    I am totally that person too. In the speech my dad gave at our wedding he said, “Jim knew he had to impress the two men in Liz’s life: Me and Tucker”. (Tucker is my 8 year old weimaraner who’s best friend is a brindle boxer.) I’m glad to see another pup gets the love and attention they deserve!

  • Chelsea @ CrazyBullies

    I too am THAT dog person. They have their own bedroom. I plan on doing a photo collage of Both of them! They are just too cute to handle! 🙂

  • Tracy | Peanut Butter and Onion

    Yes I am that dog person!

  • K.O.

    I’m exactly the same, don’t worry about it. And I actually made a digital painting for my parents of our dog that I got printed onto canvas. What did they do with it? Frame it and put it in a prime location in our house… Personal dog art is the best =]

  • Michelle @ A Healthy Mrs

    I’m totally with you on this one!
    Love the photos of Maizey — she’s beautiful!

  • BroccoliHut

    Why yes, I am AM that dog person. My sisters have children…but I have a beautiful, charismatic dog. I have an entire album devoted to just pictures of Margot on Facebook, so I see nothing wrong with this photo shoot 🙂
    Maizey is such a pretty girl! She reminds me SO much of my childhood’s friend’s dog–a brindle boxer named Raisin!

  • janetha

    *raises hand* crazy dog lady right here

  • Christine Whittington

    Are you THAT person who takes your dog to a winery event at Raylen just for dogs?

    I am THAT kind of person who had an MRI , spine surgery, physical therapy, and acupuncture for our 14-year-old golden mix. He was a happy dog for another year and a half and it was worth every penny!

    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      yes! i went to that event at Raylen last year and loved it! I don’t think Maizey and I can make it this year though.

      Awww that is so sweet. I love that you did that for your dog. <3

      • Christine Whittington

        Pet insurance made the decision a lot easier, though I wouldn’t have done anything differently, no matter what. I was a little surprised that pet insurance would cover this kind of surgery for a 14-year-old dog, but they did!

  • Mallory Hambly

    I am that dog person who calls and gets my parents to put the dogs on facetime so I can see how excited they are to hear my voice when I go away on trips….Tobey and Tucker even have matching leashes to go with their collars and go to Nana’s every weekend for a visit. I <3 my boys!!

  • Katie

    This is one of my favorite posts you’ve written!… I’m that dog person too!

  • KaraHadley

    My dog, Charlie, not only has his own room, but also his own 6 ft bean bag bed. And a giant basket of toys. And homemade bacon dog treats. And I’ve pretty much given him the entire backseat of my car.
    It’s bad, but he’s just so cute that I can’t help it.

  • Trisha

    Yep. Guilty as charged.

  • J @ ... semplicemente ... J

    I am that person too … For all the he has given me … I am that person. So I am that kind of person that talks about her girls and her puppy … 😉 … and I love all others that do the same!!!

  • Joy

    I am that person.
    My friends and family call their first question “how’s Dobby?”, His name is on the deed to our house (yup even my husband is nuts), he wants for absolutely nothing. If our budget is tight and it comes down to Dobby needing a toy (he has 92 – seriously. My niece counted and then told me I had a problem) or me wanting something the boy gets his toy. He’s a registered therapy dog so when my dads in the hospital he can go in (my father is way more interested in the poodle than the rest of us)
    It’s embarrassing how much I have become owned by a dog!
    But really? They’re great! And I wouldn’t have it any other way!
    And those pics of maizey are fabulous
    How big a canvas are you looking for? I saw a deal on groupin this week (for Mother’s Day)

  • Julie

    I miss my dog when I’m at work. 😉 Don’t know how I’m gonna manage a week away when we go on vacation this summer! 🙁

  • Lori

    Yes I am THAT dog person….who brought her dog to the tailor to get his sweater fitted.:)