I just can’t help myself

Whenever I go to The Fresh Market, I’m enthralled by their chocolate bar aisle. They have all sorts of delicious dark chocolates. The most I’ve allowed myself to spend on a bar is $6 but I’ve found that I like the Lindt Dark Chocolate just as much as the more expensive brands. Supposedly there is a Lindt Dark Chocolate bar with sea salt…please, someone find it for me. I can’t wait to try the Amano chocolate in Utah.

I like nearly everything better with dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate, especially if I’m just eating it plain. And keep anything Hershey’s far from me.

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    dark for sure.

    you need to visit hatch family chocolate's while you're in town. they have the most fabulous dark hot chocolate and divine dark truffles with sea salt sprinkled on the top.

    pioneer woman also posted a recipe a while back with sea salt. YUM. you and i should get together and eat chocolate. i obviously have a lot to say on the subject.

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    i voted, I just won't tell ya what I voted for!

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    you totally voted milk, you sicko.

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