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Today’s Running Interval Workout + the Cutest Block Booties (under $60!)

A recap of today’s running interval workout + the cutest block booties (under $60!) that you need in your life.

The past 24 hours haven’t really been my favorite. Work has been frustrating and then I came home last night to discover that my car had been towed. It was my own dang fault – I parked it in a spot that it’s okay in the evenings, but not during the day. Well… I forgot to move it since I can walk to work and I was rushing out the door yesterday and spaced it. So I had to deal with that this morning (and Tommy had to drive me across town to get it and then we hunt down an ATM after they told us they only accept cash). It just wasn’t a pleasant start to the day.

But it’s days like this that I’m so grateful for running. Especially morning runs. There is something so incredibly peaceful about running the streets downtown when it’s still a bit dark and there’s not much traffic. I love seeing the sunrise over Graylyn Estate once I get into the neighborhoods. And I love seeing other runners that I see every morning. I love seeing the old black lab laying faithfully in front of one of the prettiest houses along my route. And I love getting to clear my head and not thinking about anything…except if I’m hitting my goal pace. 🙂


Today’s workout was 5 x 1 mile repeats with a 3 minute jog between each, plus a warm-up and cool down. The prescribed goal pace for me on McMillan Running for this type of workout is 6:35-6:45 minute/miles, and I thought that was pretty darn aggressive. So I was really happy that I was able to run 6:45 on 3 of the 5 intervals (the other two were 7:00). The first interval is always tough for me, and the last one was going up a wicked hill.


Shoes | Garmin | Knickers | Similar Shirt | Chair | Pillow

I also wore my new Oiselle Moto Knickers on my run this morning and LOVED them. I’ve never had knickers before, but now it’s all I want. (I’m eyeing these and these.) I think the key difference is that knickers are a bit shorter than capris? Or is it just semantics?

And on days when nothing feels right and I just need an easy win, skinny jeans and a t-shirt and pretty new shoes always make me feel better. I just got these block heel booties and am obsessed. (And they’re only $60!) They’re so insanely comfortable and way cuter in person than I was expecting. Tommy loves them too, AND the maintenance guy in my apartment building commented on them. ha!


Jeans | Booties | T-shirt | Similar Purse | Ring | Bracelet | Watch | Necklace | Earrings 

 Alright, I’m off to fold some laundry! Have a good night! xo

What’s your go-to outfit when you just need a pick-me-up?

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  • Christina Orso

    i love the outfit!!

  • Jessie

    Teri- have you thought about joining the Oiselle Volee? I’ve noticed lots of Roga shorts and now the Moto Knickers (and I think knickers are indeed shorter than capris, btw) so you’re clearly a fan 😉 They’re opening up membership again soon, so if you are interested, consider joining. It’s an amazing group of supportive women runners. I don’t benefit if you join, other than being your teammate, but just wanted to pass on the word if you weren’t aware.

    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      Hey Jessie! I’m a huge fan of Oiselle!! My friend Anna sent me that link on Twitter a couple days ago and I pre-registered! I hope I get in! It sounds like such an amazing program! Thanks for thinking of me!

  • Amber @ Busy, Bold, Blessed

    And I just had to buy that vneck in the awesome green color. Don’t tell my husband 😉

    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      bwahaha! Secret’s safe with me! Let me know what you think when it arrives. I want it!! But I want everything hunter green right now… 😉

  • Kara

    Cute booties! Any recommendations on comfortable skinny jeans? All the pairs I own tend to feel a little too snug around my calves, which drives my claustrophobic tendencies crazy. My body type is similar to yours, and just wondering if you’ve found a brand you love?

    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      Hi Kara! I have Joe’s jeans which I don’t think are too tight on my calves, but yes, I definitely know the feeling of jeans being too tight through there! I really like Madewell for that reason too!

      I have a pair of Paige flare jeans that I’m also obsessed with. I haven’t tried their skinny jeans yet (I just ordered some though!), but based on how the flares fit through the thighs, I’m hopefully their skinny jeans will work well for muscular calves too!

      These are the Joe’s I have:

      These are the Madewell’s I have:

      These are the Paige flares I have:

      These are the Paige skinnies I ordered: &

      Hopefully you find something that works! Let me know!!

      • Kara

        Thanks so much for the suggestions Teri! I think I might bite the bullet and order the Paige skinnies. They run a little more than I would normally spend, but I’m in jeans 90% of the time, so it’s worth the investment to find a pair I really like. Thanks again!!!

  • Christine

    Ugh, that’s the worst! My car was towed from my private spot behind my apartment building last week, and I had to take Metro to a sketchy part of town, withdraw a load of cash from the ATM, and then interact with an appallingly rude worker to retrieve it. I’m sorry that you had to endure a similar thing!

  • Lauren

    Yes, love a good pair of jeans and a V-neck! I have those knickers and love them. Perfect length for us shorties! And as a fellow Oiselle fan, I recommend the flyte long sleeves. I just bought my third one in burgen this time. They are so comfy and don’t stink after you run in them.