It’ll Be OK

There are a lot of things that get the “ehhhh, it’ll be OK” response from me. 

Guesstimating on spices when cooking. Ehhhh, it’ll be ok. (But I never wing baking soda, salt or baking powder in baked goods!)

Watching one more episode of How I Met Your Mother and delaying bedtime. Ehhhh, it’ll be ok. 

Only blowdrying my hair halfway in the summer. Ehhhh, it’ll be ok. 

And I know sometimes, it’s crossed my mind that, ehhhh it’ll be ok to send this text. It’s not a busy road. Or, I’m just in my neighborhood; I could drive this with my eyes closed. Or, I’m at a stoplight. Or, it’s only a super short text. 

But you know what, it only takes one time for it NOT to be ok.  

Do you need further examples of why you shouldn’t? Watch more videos here

Take the pledge. Don’t text and drive. It can wait. 

[Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Thank you for supporting my sponsored posts so I can continue to write and maintain A Foodie Stays Fit! But honestly, I feel strongly about this campaign. Please don’t text and drive.]

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    Sara @ LovingOnTheRun

    I have to say I am guilty of texting and driving sometimes – but the dangerous are outrageous! I 100% agree that everyone should make the pledge to wait until they are parked or stopped to text nothing is THAT important!

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    I appreciate the attention you are giving this issue. I am guilty of texting and driving…often. Sometimes its necessary to be communicating by phone with the busy lives we lead (esp when you have a long commute to and from work), and since I got a new car, I now have Bluetooth which connects my phone to my car for hands-free driving. With this feature, there is no reason to be messing with my phone in the car. I’m really going to try and be good and zip my phone up in my purse. I can control the phone, pandora, everything from my steering wheel which I know is a heck of a lot safer!

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