It’s a tough task…but someone has to do it

Yesterday my friend Anna (and the very talented cook behind Seasoned to Taste) connected me with a PR rep in town who was looking for judges for a blueberry recipe contest. I happily stepped up to the task.

So this morning, I gathered with a chef from The Spring House  and radio personality J.R. Snider from WSJS 600 AM to taste seven different entries.IMG_5741

There was blueberry peach jam, two different cobblers, blueberry bacon scones, oatmeal blueberry cookies, lemon blueberry cake and a peach blueberry pie.  Um yes.IMG_5725IMG_5728

IMG_5730Most things were way too sweet for my taste but the pie was awesome! I don’t think I have ever had a homemade fruit pie before. I’ve had homemade pumpkin pie and lemon meringue pie and tastes of store-bought fruit pies. And I always thought I didn’t like fruit pies. Today, I recant that statement. It was sooooo good.

IMG_5732The winner was the blueberry peach pie, made by Lisa! It was her mother’s recipe and she’s actually never tasted the pie. ha!

IMG_5739I’m finally coming down from the sugar high. I happily enjoyed all the tastings though because I had had a killer weights circuit this morning! Plus, I walked to and from the gym. 🙂

Now, I’m off to get a haircut. I desperately need highlights but I waited too long to get an appointment on the calendar and I reached the "if i don’t get my hair cut today i’m gonna DIE" point so I called the local Aveda Grassroots Salon and am rolling the dice on a stranger stylist. A basic trim can’t be too hard to screw up, right? Right?? Wish me luck.

Chat at ya guys later! <3

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    Caryln @carylnrambles

    Mmmm I love anything blueberry! Where do you normally get your haircut? I have only lived here 6 months so I’ve been to The Escape salon on 4th street a few times. I like it a lot but wouldn’t mind checking out other places too.

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      I used to go to Wayne Tuggle at Vol.40 (for the past 1.5 years) but yesterday I went to Stephanie at Aveda Grassroots. I’ve heard Cheson and Mark are awesome too at Aveda Grassroots. I LOVED the Aveda Salon!

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    luv what you do

    What a fantastic way to spend your day…eating blueberry baked goodies. Is it okay for me to be jealous?!

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    Liz @ iheartvegetables

    Haha what a fun job!!! Everything looks delicious!!!

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    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles

    Blueberry bacon scones…those must have been interesting to try!

    I have a minor blueberry obsession – that contest would have been absolute heaven to me.

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    Amy Garland

    Thanks for judging the contest! It was HOT, but fun and your expertise is greatly appreciated. As for hair, hope all went well at AVEDA–I went from Alison –she moved to Wilmington:( –to Courtney and have always had good color and cut.

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