Join my team!

I’d love to have you on my Beautycounter team! We have an amazing group of women who help others discover the beauty of safer skincare and makeup and make extra income on their own schedules. The women on our team all have different backgrounds and are in different stages of life. We have an accountant, a marketing executive, women in Corporate America, salon owners, a med student, moms working full-time, you name it – and we all grow our Beautycounter business around our busy lives.

We have some of the top consultants on our team and others who spend just a couple hours a week and have change their family’s life. People now pay their mortgages with their Beautycounter income. Others have gotten out of debt. Some have left their full-time jobs once Beautycounter replaced their salary. Another woman likes having extra play money for new shoes. Many take extra family vacations using their Beautycounter paychecks.

We all run our businesses differently and for different reasons, but we all have FUN doing it and support each other along the way. This is seriously the best job I’ve ever had and I have the best coworkers. If you want to join us, shoot me an email — [email protected]

And you can check out my answers to some FAQs about being a consultant on this post!