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Alright you procrastinators, today is the last day for 2 day shipping for gifts to arrive before the holidays!! I’ve got a round-up of quick last minute gifts ideas at some of my favorite stores that have FREE two day shipping! I also included a few places that have two day shipping but you’ll pay a little bit more for shipping (usually around $12).

Let’s get right to it!!


This is SUCH a good spot for getting Patagonia, which everyone loves! I have this, this, this and this (I wear black coat literally everyday) and Tommy has this and this. Lots of my running gear is from Backcountry too, so check out this page and this page for ideas as well.


GREAT spot for designer items like purses, jeans and shoes. (They have free returns too!) You could probably knock out your shopping for EVERYONE here since they have men’s stuff (via East Dane, which ShopBop owns)), PJs, jewelry, home decor & stocking stuffers. (I have the larger version of this purse and am OBSESSED. It’s beautiful!!!)


So many great sweaters, PJs and stocking stuffers!

Target & Amazon

Great spots for everything and anyone, clearly. If someone was shopping for me at Target, I’d ask for the InstantPot, a Bialetti, and Jaybird headphones for running. And I’ll always take¬† underwear (specifically these for running) in my stocking. ūüôā Oh, and eyedrops. No really, that is what I want in my stocking. Is that weird? Whatevs. If they’re hitting up Amazon, I want an Echo Dot for my kitchen (I have an Echo in another room), a chocolate orange for my stocking (nostalgia is real), and I’ll never say no to an Amazon or Whole Foods gift card. (You could also get the InstantPot¬†and¬†Bialetti¬†from Amazon to consolidate stores.)

Other favorite stores with two day shipping for a small up-charge

See my gift ideas from both Nordstrom & Beautycounter here!



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