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Last Week’s Workouts

First things first: Thank you all SO much for your support and encouragement on my last post. I loved hearing some of your own stories and to hear that my encouraged some of you. I’m so, so grateful for the community on this blog!!

Next up – last week’s workouts. I completed the Runner’s World Run Streak, running at least one mile everyday from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day – 40 days total! I’m so glad I did this – it kept me active during a VERY busy holiday season, which was good for my health and stress levels. 🙂 It also made December my second highest mileage month of the year with 94 miles (I ran 104 in April). I can’t even fathom how some people run 100+ miles in a WEEK. I think my highest mileage ever in a week was 60 or mayyyyybe 70.


M – 5.75 miles, 50 minutes (steady pace)

T – 5.18 miles, 45 minutes

10 min warm up
20 min intervals (3 minutes easy running + 1 minute run hard)
15 min cool down

W – 1 mile, 8 min pace. I went to CrossFit afterwards since Tommy’s brother was in town and I wanted to work out with them, but just wasn’t feeling well so I sat out and observed. I’m glad I did!

Th – 3.12 miles, 25 minutes

25 min intervals (3 minutes easy running + 1 minute run hard)

F – 3.07 miles, 25 minutes + Yoga

25 min intervals (3 minutes easy running + 1 minute run hard)

S – Top Tier Bootcamp

First day NOT running since November 24th!

Su – REST!

I also hit golf balls at the driving range three times this week and I swear it made my core sore; I don’t think I ran my intervals hard enough to attribute my core soreness to that (very fast intervals definitely work my core!). I think I’m slowly improving on the range – I hit one about 150 yards this week! I still need to work on consistency of hitting is solidly; it’s still pretty hit and (sometimes literally) miss. But I do love it! Such a great excuse to be outside. If only Maizey could come, I’d be in heaven.

Speaking of Maizey…she’s a mess. She kept inching closer and closer to Tommy last night. It was hilarious. She wouldn’t even let me take off her jacket.


Hope you have a great Sunday! I’m going to catch up on some emails, make a Costco run and try to get ready for a full week back at work after the holidays – it might be rough adjusting back to reality!

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