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The Weekender: Favorite Links + Last Week’s Outfits

My favorite links and outfits from the past week, including the cutest Lululemon Fresh Tracks 1/2 zip pullover (in bright white! am I brave or dumb? don’t answer that). It’s perfect for casual days and winter runs!

Happy Sunday! Today has felt nice and long, which is awesome since yesterday flew by. I went up to Boone yesterday for a baby shower. It was so fun to see so many friends. I was gone almost all day so it was nice to have all day today to relax. And by relax, I mean plan my day around my long run. 😉 I ran 15 miles this morning, and I’ll share more details about that in my workout recap tomorrow!

For now, let’s get to the links.

My Favorite Links from Last Week

10 Tips to Make Winter Running Less Miserable. (I shared some of my winter running tips here.)

3 Signs You’re Ready to Move Up to the Marathon.

That feeling when your favorite sweatshirt from middle school is labeled “vintage.” Rude. (But I still want to buy it.)

I also want this “I Love Running” sweatshirt.

Every single coffee order, explained. Maybe I’ll branch out from black coffee and Americanos. Or not.

Tips to enjoy your cool down run. (Um, I LOVE the cool down portion of runs! Who doesn’t??)

What’s the difference between running & jogging?

26 Things Runners Absolutely Hate. #8, #14 especially and #20!! And #26 is the look I give all my CrossFit coaches. 😉 (I should put together my own list…I think they missed a few!)

My links are pretty heavy on running topics this week. ha! Guess you know what’s on my mind lately!

And thank you SO much to my readers who gave me shoutouts on their blogs last week!

Last Week’s Outfits

I wore this to the baby shower yesterday. This dress + over-the-knee boots is quickly becoming my go-to outfit for almost any event. It looks nice but effortless so it works for a wide range of dress codes!

ralph lauren turtleneck dress

Exact dress (on major sale!) | similar boots 1, 2 | similar purse 1, 2 | exact coat (on sale!) | watch | similar bangles + link bracelet

This combo of gray jeans + a simple black tee and cardigan was just what I needed on a Monday. A fun necklace makes it look like I put more effort into my outfit than I did. 😉

what to wear with gray jeans

exact jeans | exact t-shirt | exact cardigan (although this one looks identical and is way cheaper!) | exact flats | watch | similar necklace 1, 2

Oh chambray, it’s been way too long since I wore you. That won’t happen again. I wore this to cookbook book club. 🙂

how to style chambray

exact jeans | exact shirt | similar shoes | necklace | watch

If you’re scared of mixing patterns, leopard print shoes are good way to get comfortable with it. I treat them like a neutral and wear them with everything and anything.

polka dot jcrew top

exact jeans | similar top 1, 2 | similar shoes | necklace

Lululemon Fresh Tracks 1/2 Zip Pullover

OBSESSED. I was a little nervous to buy this top, the Lululemon Fresh Tracks 1/2 zip pullover, in white, but I went for it anyway. Bright white tops are just so cute. While I definitely won’t wear it to CrossFit (everything gets SO dirty there), I’ll run in it and wear it for casual days. I wore it today running a errands + walking Maizey. It also comes in black if you don’t want white. 🙂

Lululemon Fresh Tracks 1/2 Zip Pullover

1/2 zip top | similar leggings | sneakers | comfiest bra EVER (this is what I wear for golf)

Alright, I’m off to make myself do some RomWOD. My right leg is aching from my achilles all the way up to my glute and my left leg IT band is throbbing. I win at life. 🙂

Hope you have a great week!

P.S. Just a couple more days to get in on the amazing Beautycounter deal I posted about here! I’m happy so many of you have taken advantage of it – I really hope you love everything you get.

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  • Reply

    OMG, I think I need that running sweatshirt <3

  • Reply
    Jessica Suazo

    Ooh cookbook book club?! How does that work? Cookbooks are my favorite.

    • Reply
      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      it’s the BEST thing. Everyone brings a handful of cookbooks and a dish to share out of one of their cookbooks. Then, we all sit around and look at the cookbooks. 🙂 Then, if you’re okay lending out your cookbooks (or some of them), we put a sticky note on it (and your name inside!) and people take it home. Then, we all bring them back and swap again at the next club meeting! I especially love having my friends write in my cookbooks when they try something.

  • Reply

    Ohmygosh that CK shirt! Pretty sure I still have the knockoff from Sam’s club in a closet at my parents’ house somewhere!

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