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Last Week’s Workouts

This past weekend was absolutely beautiful! We were in the low 70s on Saturday and Sunday, so I tried to get out as much as possible, whether it was dining on my rooftop patio, running, or just keeping the windows down in my car while running errands. 🙂 I definitely enjoyed running in shorts and a tank top!!


M – 2 miles, 9:00 min pace

T – 5 miles total, averaged 8:00 pace. I ran 6×400 intervals at an 80% effort after a 1.25 mile warm-up and I finished with a 1 mile cool down. This is the first time I’ve run at the track in ages…maybe the first time since I moved back to WS?? My pace bounced between 6-6:30.  It was hard to hit these paces which used to be pretty manageable, so that was a little frustrating, but I think I can get it back with some dedicated effort! (Intervals are one of the 7 ways I increased my running speed & cut more than 25 minutes off my half marathon PR.)


W – 2.25 miles, 8:53 pace + CrossFit

  • Deadlifts: 3 @ 75%, 3 @ 85%, 3 @ 95% – my weight was 170, 190, 215
  • 3 rounds for time: 20 deadlifts, 15 toes to bar + front squats every 2 minutes
    • I did used 85# for this (RX was 95) and subbed knees to elbows for T2B. I finished in 5:47.

Th – 5.25 miles, averaged 7:58 pace (including 3 miles tempo at 7:20 pace)

F – 3 miles (fartleks), averaged 7:20 pace

S – 4.5 miles, 8:25 pace

Su – Hitting golf balls + 30 minutes shooting hoops 🙂 + 1 mile on the treadmill


The basketball was so random – Tommy and I popped into my apartment building’s basketball court before going grocery shopping and ending up playing for 30 minutes. It was a blast – definitely need to play again soon! That was the first time we played!


I almost skipped Sunday in my running streak because I spaced the run until 10 PM at night. But, I texted my accountability partner in the challenge and she told me to go hammer it out. Since I have a treadmill in my apartment building gym, I was able to knock it out and be back upstairs within 10 minutes. I’m glad I did it!

Total miles: 23

How I’m feeling: my right hamstring has been giving me grief for a while and now I’m feeling it into my glute. I can’t get into a smooth stride. I need to stretch more and maybe go get it worked out with a massage.

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  • christina

    i seeeeeeee tommy’s butt and i cannot lie!

  • mk

    such a girlie question… but with running every day, do you wash your hair every day? i feel like you did a post on this once but I can’t find it. I wash my hair twice a week and do conditioner-only once a week… so that’s 3 sweaty work outs. I try to do strength on the other days. Ugh, men have it easy!

    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      I love girly questions! I always wonder what other workout junkies do with hairwashing too!

      I don’t wash it everyday…usually every other day and then do conditioner only on the days I don’t shampoo. If I can get away without washing it, I just use dry shampoo. But usually it’s all crazy and kinked so I have to wet it. I want to get on a routine where I shampoo less because my hair is so dry!

      Does that help??

      And seriously…men have NO idea. 😉

  • Leigh

    I’m jealous of two things- your access to the track (there aren’t many outdoor ones here) and that you ran in a tank top. Our sidewalks are icy 🙁 Your apartment building looks so cool!

    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      Yes, I LOVE the track here! I feel like it’s such a rare find in a city to have a public track that’s outdoors and not at a high school! Sorry about the ice. 🙁

      And yes, my apartment building is pretty cool. It’s a fun spot for sure! (Although I do miss having a yard!)

  • Amber @ Busy, Bold, Blessed

    It was 70 degrees this past weekend up here in PA too, so crazy!