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Last Week’s Workouts

Last week was a good week of workouts! It felt well balanced between running and Crossfit (not too much of anything) and I got a little yoga session in. I really want to work on pushing my pace on intervals, but I’ve got to get my right hamstring sorted out so my leg turnover will be a bit freer. Hence…the yoga. I’m also trying to do some foam rolling at night too.

S – Rest

M – 6.25 mile run, 8:28 pace

T – Bootcamp

Partner WOD (Tommy was my partner <3 )
20 minute AMRAP:
2,000 meter row, 100 kettlebell thursters, 60 pull-ups
We got through a full round and then 887 additional meters.

The most exciting thing about that boot-camp workout was I tried a strict pull-up during the warm-up and I DID ONE!!!!!!! And then I did 3 more! I’ve NEVER done a strict pull-up in my life. So so excited!

W – 4 mile run, average 7:56 pace + CrossFit

5 minute warm-up + 90 second sprints (around 6:30 pace) followed by 2.5 minutes recovery run (around 8:30-8:40 pace) + 3 minute cool down. I think I ended up doing 6 or 7 rounds of intervals. I lost count and I’m too lazy to do the math. 😉

Front Squat, 10 minute EMOM, 3 reps – 105#. I focused on squatting deep (below paralell!) instead of going really heavy.

5 rounds: 9 pull-ups (banded), 6 dead lifts, 3 hang cleans. I used a 65# bar since I still get nervous with cleans and finished in 7:23.

Th – 3 miles, 8:22 pace + 30 min at home yoga practice, nice and easy and stretchy stretchy

F – Rest

S – Run 3 miles, 7:56 pace

Su – Run 6 miles, 8:40 pace

Total miles: 23 miles

How I’m feeling:

  • My right hamstring and glute have been a little grumpy for weeks, and I KNOW I need to do more stretching so I’m going to try to do yoga once a week, even if I need to practice at home when I can’t make it to a class.
  • I got some new running shoes – Altras The One – this week that I’m in love with. I’ll do a post about them soon. Huge thanks to blog reader Amy for recommending them!!Altra The One Women's Running Shoes
  • I signed up for the free training plan for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler and selected the Advanced plan. I just got it and I think I was a little ambitious – it’s a lot more miles than I’m doing right now. I think I may need to switch to the Intermediate plan, or do the lower range of prescribed mileage. Is anyone else doing the CB 10 mile training program?

Hope you have a great Monday!

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    Congrats on the pull up accomplishment! I don’t blame you for being super proud & excited about it. That’s awesome!

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