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Last Week’s Workouts

I slept 10.5 hours last night. Tommy and I spent the weekend in Utah, and we had to get up at 3:30 AM yesterday to catch a 6 AM flight. I still feel a little out of it, but I’m hoping I’ll start to feel back to normal soon! (I posted some pictures of our adventures on Instagram and will blog some more pictures soon. 🙂 )

Like I mentioned last week, I kicked off my training plan for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler so all runs are according to that program unless otherwise noted. I’m backing off on CrossFit and bootcamp to accommodate the increased mileage and being strategic about what days I go. Strength training is super important for running strong and injury free so I’d never cut it out entirely, but I’ll have to make sure I don’t wreck myself and can’t complete the next day’s planned workouts. It’s kind of hard to plan because CrossFit workouts aren’t posted until 8 PM the night before so I just have to play it by ear each day.

I felt really good about last week’s workouts…and now it’s going to be hard to get back into a routine after traveling. But it was so worth it.

Monday- 4 mile run, nice and easy at an 8:30 pace + bicep curls, 3 sets of 10 reps (20 lb dumbbells) + CrossFit

Max rounds in 3 minutes of:
3 power cleans, 6 pushups, 9 air squats
Rest 1 minute.
Repeat for a total of 5 cycles.

Tuesday: 4.5 miles w/ hill repeats + CrossFit. I actually went to a WOD with snatches! Tommy mentioned that there’d likely be snatches in the Open so I figured I better at least figure them out…and I may or may not have really enjoyed them. ha! (Are you proud Amber??)

1 mile warm-up and 1.5 mile cooldown
Six 200m hill repeats with treadmill set at a 3.0 incline (the roads were still icy here so I had to go inside!) with 200m easy jog at a 0 incline after each

3 AMRAP rounds, 3 minutes each, with 1 minute rest in between
Round 1: 5 snatches, 5 burpee box jumps
Round 2: 4 snatches, 4 burpee box jumps
Round 3: 3 snatches, 3 burpee box jumps
I used 45# (RX was 65#). I think I can go heavier once I get more comfortable, but I was happy just to be able to do the movement at all!

Wednesday: Yoga

Thursday: Fartlek run (this is a great run to ease into tempo runs if you’re new to them and holding a faster pace for a longer distance is daunting). I ended up doing 6 miles in 50 minutes.

1-2-3-4-5-6 fartlek run: Pick up the pace to 10K effort (not a sprint) for one minute, jog one minute, pick up the pace for two minutes, jog one minute, pick up the pace for three minutes, jog one minute, etc., until you work up to six minutes.

I did the pick-ups at a 7 min pace and jogged in between at a 9:30 pace. This was challenging for sure, but wasn’t an all-out effort so I think my pace was right on. I included a (very slow) 1 mile warm-up (I was feeling sluggish, but loosened up!), and a 1.5 mile cool down. I ended up taking a little bit more than a minute between the pick-ups sometimes to take a sip of water. Good excuse to catch my breath. 😉

Friday: Rowing + air squats 

I wanted a little cardio, but wanted something non-impact after yesterday’s run. I rowed for 15 minutes and stopped every 2 minutes to do 15 air squats. It flew by! I ended up rowing 3000 m.

Saturday: CrossFit

20 minute partner AMRAP: 5 strict pull-ups, 10 box jumps, 15 front squats


We visited the CrossFit Draper gym and they could not have been nicer and more welcoming! Tommy and I about died in the altitude though. ha! My brother tried his first CrossFit class too and did an awesome job! He makes box jumps look way too easy; all his basketball playing has paid off. He was an excellent partner for this WOD. Tommy partnered with another guy at the gym (I’m drawing a blank on his name! Jake maybe??), and Tommy said he kicked his butt. ha!


Sunday: Rest

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  • christina

    10.5 hours, damn girl! that is kinda awesome. hope you and T had fun!!!!

  • Amber @ Busy, Bold, Blessed

    I’m SO proud 😀 I’m also so jealous of all that sleep!

  • Katie

    10.5 hours of sleep… Oh when I have those nights it’s the Best!

  • Hilary

    Yay!!! good work with the snatches!! You’ll be RXing them in no time!