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Last week’s workouts + my favorite Crossfit shoes are on sale!

Before I get into the workout recap, quick PSA that my Nike Metcon 2 CrossFit shoes are on sale (25% off)! They’ve made a HUGE different in my heavy lifts (especially squats and deadlifts) and help me feel more stable with wall balls and kettlebells. (Full review here.) I’ve never seen these on sale, so I would definitely snag them now if you think you want a pair. Both men’s and women’s shoes are on sale, and unfortunately the website doesn’t say when the sale ends.  They have tons of colors too. I’m jealous – they didn’t have all those when I bought mine.

top tier crossfit winston salemsimilar crops | exact shoes | exact top | exact socks

Okay, now onto the workout recap!

Last Week’s Workouts

M – 4.5 miles, 8:45 pace, including 0.5 miles with Maizey 🙂

T – Rest

W – Rest

Th – 4.6 miles, 7:55 pace + 0.6 miles with Maizey 🙂 + CrossFit

  • 5 x 3 deadlifts (EMOM) at 205#
  • The metcon took me 18:15 and nearly killed me. 4 Rounds of:
    • 25 wall balls
    • 10 Handstand Pushups (I did half RX and added an extra mat half way through)
    • 10 power cleans (I used 65#)

F – 3 miles, 5 x 1 minute surges with 3 minutes recovery in between each (one of my favorite workouts!). I hit the treadmill because it was SO dang cold outside and I sissied out.

S – Partner WOD at Top Tier CrossFit, partners alternating rounds for 20 minutes. The guy I partnered with, Lloyd, was SO fast so I didn’t get much rest.

  • 5 pull ups
  • 10 push ups
  • 15 situps
  • 20 air squats

Su – rest. I was SO dang sore from Saturday’s workout. Those push-ups destroyed me.

I ran in a new workout top on Thursday and I loved it! I’ll write a review on it eventually since I’ve gotten a few new pieces of winter running gear. Isn’t the design cute? I want the half zip one too.

mizuno breath thermo women's shirt

Total Miles: 12.7 miles

How I feel: After my PR at the Mistletoe half marathon, I made sure to take it easy in my workouts afterwards. I wasn’t sore, but I knew my body needed some recovery. I had to go to Charlotte for work and slept like crap so I had zero desire to workout, so that helped enforce days off from working out.

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