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Last Week’s Workouts: Running, CrossFitting & Golfing!

Hello hello! It’s been a little quieter than normal on the blog and especially on Instagram the past few days since my mom was in town. I just dropped her off at the airport to fly back to Utah and I swear it never gets easier when my parents leave after a visit, only harder.  🙁 But Tommy and I are headed to Utah next month so it won’t be too long until I see my family!

Onto to the weekly workout recap. This is actually a week old, but it was in my drafts and I realized I never posted it, so I figured I would still put it up! I think it’ll be useful at some point if/when I run another marathon to see how I transitioned back into working out after the race. (Here’s my marathon recap if you missed it.)

Weekly Workout Recap


T – 5.5 miles, 7:54 pace

  • The first mile felt so rough but I loosened up and felt amazing by the end.

W – 4.8 miles with Ali, 8:47 pace.

  • I love love love my morning runs with Ali. She is so wonderful.

Th – 5.6 miles with Kate, 8:42 pace + CrossFit.

  • My legs were DEAD when Kate and I ran together. Luckily she was patient with the pace (she is super fast). We both loved that there was no morning traffic to deal with since it was spring break!
  • WOD
    • Deadlift 4×10, 135 pounds
    • Metcon: 12 minute AMRAP. I did 5 + 26.
      • 6 hang power snatch
      • 20 double unders
      • 6 handstand push ups
      • 20 double unders

F – 4.0 miles with Kim, 8.36 pace + Oiselle Dirty Dozen + CrossFit.

  • I love Friday fun runs. It’s such a nice way to end the week to run downtown. Although, there was a really creepy guy on our route, which was not so fun. Ugh.
  • WOD
    • 15 minute AMRP
    • 50 wall balls
    • 40 burpees
    • 30 thrusters
    • 20 burpees
    • 10 shoulder to overhead

Tank | sports bra | leggings | shoes

(I am OBSESSED with those shoes, review here. Also obsessed with those leggings. They are the best capris for CrossFit since they don’t sag and they fit my muscular quads!)


Su – 8.2 miles, 8.27 pace

  • I surprised myself with this run since I didn’t think I’d run more than 5-6 miles but I just kind of zoned out. And it still felt so short after marathon training runs! 😉

Similar top | similar shorts | shoes | watch

Total Miles: 28.2

How I feel: Other than the first couple runs of the week where my legs felt really heavy, it was a great week of workouts. It’s  so nice to be back on a CrossFit routine and working out with Tommy again now that the marathon is done. And, I really love that we have been going to the driving range together now that the weather is nicer too. 🙂 My goal this spring is to get off the range and play 9 holes…and mayyyybe 18! 🙂

Hope you’re having a great week!

If you want to see more more of my weekly workout recaps to see how I sweat, go here!

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