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Last Week’s Workouts + Trying out Compression Socks

M – CrossFit

  • Front Squats: 5×3 at 135#
    • My quads were soooo sore by Tuesday night!


  • MetCon for time. I finished in 15:14. 
    • 800m run
    • 21-15-9
      • Pull-ups
      • Shoulder to Overhead (RX 95#, I did 55#)
    • 800m run

T – 7.5 mile run, solo (8:05 pace)

  • I ran my last mile in my new Newtons! I needed a new pair of shoes to rotate in with my Brooks PureConnects and Adidas Adizero Bostons; I’ve wanted to try Newtons for years, so I bit the bullet, even though they’re kind of pricey. They recommended that I ease into them since the running style is a bit different. I loooove how bright they are. 🙂 I got the Newton Motion V in my usual running shoe size. I’ll do a full review of them once I put in some more miles. Initial reaction is very good!


W – 4.5 mile run with Ali (8:45 pace)

Th – 3 mile run, solo, in Raleigh (8:45 pace)


S – 4.2 mile run with Alise (8:25 pace)

Su – 8 mile run with Allison (8:15 pace)

Total miles: 27.2 miles

How I’m feeling: My legs actually feel pretty good. Thursday’s run was AWFUL, but it could have been the fact that it was super hot (I ran about an hour later than normal), that I hadn’t slept well, and that I was running a hilly, new-to-me route while I was in Raleigh (more on that later!).

I also feel like I might be getting plantar fasciitis. I finally bought some birkenstocks (the Mayari style) to wear around the house and while walking Maizey so I have more support. My floors are concrete and I’m typically barefoot or in my Jack Rogers…not the best!

I’ve also been trying to focus on recovery a bit more. I’m wearing compression socks after long runs and I foam rolled Tuesday night. It was so dang uncomfortable, but I ended up doing it for 30 minutes because it’s strangely addicting once I start. I’ve never had full compression socks (only calves sleeves), but I really like these full socks from Swiftwick. And the price point is way better than some other brands I’ve seen.


On another note, I’m so grateful that I suddenly have a number of running friends to meet up with during the week. I love that they get me out the door earlier than I would on my own (or oftentimes I’d just skip running altogether without them). Plus, I’ve seen some amazing sunrises lately!



Your turn to share: Do you wear compression socks? I’d love to hear your experience with them or any other recovery methods you swear by.

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  • Reply
    Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine

    Full on compressions socks are a MUST! You will never be sore again (I have some on right now!!)

  • Reply

    I also bought Birkenstock sandals this summer because I was looking for something more comfortable that my go-to Jack Rogers. I love wearing them! Great for travel and long days in general.

  • Reply

    What’s the benefit of compression socks? How do they help? I see distance runners in them all the time — just curious as to what your experience will be with them.

    • Reply
      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      Compression socks help stimulate blood flow and reduce lactic-acid build-up, which helps legs recover faster from a hard run. Some people wearing them during runs and others after – I go back and forth.

  • Reply

    I should have read this first before asking you when you wore them on FB 🙂 How long do you wear them after a long run? My long runs are getting longer (marathon training) and thinking they would be good for me. Or maybe even for after my hard workout runs?


  • Reply

    I absolutely love my full compression socks! I have the 2XU brand and usually wear them when I’m going further than 12 miles.

    I’ve been looking at Birkenstocks (the Mayari) for months but haven’t pulled the trigger yet…which color did you get, and do you think they run true to size?

    • Reply
      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      My calf sleeves are 2XU brand! 🙂

      I got the off-white ones (antique lace) and yep, they run true to size! I got a 36 (I wear a size 6) in a regular width. I sometimes buy a wide shoe but these were plenty wide enough!

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