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Last week’s workouts + running in Winston-Salem

I ran with some great friends last week, but I have a love/hate relationship with running in Winston-Salem — and it sounds like many of us here do.


Hey friends! It’s been a while since I blogged and, to be honest, it’s because I just didn’t really know what to say or write after Mollie Tibbet’s death. I was so upset for so many reasons and I just couldn’t really write and act like everything was okay. Because it’s not. I’ll probably share my thoughts on that in another blog post on another day, but if you missed my Instagram stories about it and about running in Winston-Salem in particular, you can see it in my Instagram Stories highlights under Run Safely.

In short, Winston-Salem female runners are harassed mid-run regularly and so many women sent me messages agreeing that this city is far worse for harassment while running and walking than any other place they’ve lived or run. And I’d 100% agree with that. I love this city but something around that needs to change. I just don’t know how to help make that change. But it’s on my mind on what I could do and something I’m hoping to try to influence in the future.

For today, let’s chat about last week’s workouts and how I’ve increased my mileage over the last week, which I’m really happy about.


M – Elliptical + Upper Body

Whenever I put together my own circuits, I finish in a totally sweaty mess. I’ve really like the elliptical workouts on the Aaptiv app too – it makes them go by so quickly.

full body circuit

T – 4.8 miles, 8:35 pace + Crossfit

The weather in the mornings last week was incredible. The humidity dropped and the temperatures were even in the high 50s a few mornings. I HAD to run and thankfully my foot let me!


I worked up to 135# on the squats and loved the entire workout. But, I really probably shouldn’t have run in my Nike Metcons since the don’t have quite as much support and cushion as my running shoes. I had specifically put my running shoes in my gym bag for this workout and got to the gym and only had one shoe. I was freaking out a bit because they were brand new; the run the day before was my first run in them – and because I had a SuperFeet insert in it, and those things are not cheap! The missing shoe wasn’t in my car or in the parking lot…but that night, around 9 pm, I found it sitting on my neighbor’s porch. I must have dropped it getting into my car on the way to the gym and thankfully someone set it there!

top tier power winston salem

W – Elevate Core + Needling/Scraping

If you’re in Winston-Salem, you’ve got to come try the core class on Wednesdays at Top Tier. It’s BRUTAL but so good.

Th – 5 miles, 8:10 pace with Kelli + driving range

I hadn’t run with my friend Kelli in a long time given my plantar fasciitis and I was SO happy to see her! She’s just such a lovely person and the weather was beautiful.

Tommy and I headed out to the driving range that night and it felt like fall!!

forsyth country club winston salem

F – 4 miles, 8:10 pace

Again, it was such a gorgeous morning!

S – 5 miles, 8:11 pace with Christian

Another run, another gorgeous morning, another day to be grateful for all the running friends I have here! That was NOT always the case – I always ran alone before I moved to North Carolina . so I’m very grateful for the running friends I have here!

forsyth country club winston salem

Su – 5.5 miles, 8:32 pace with Cheryl, Hannah and Colleen

My foot was a little finicky this morning after running 3 days in a row and it was definitely not happy afterwards. Thankfully, I had a needling appointment a couple days later and Cheryl was able to work out a lot of the tightness in my heel.

Total miles: 24.3

How I’m feeling: I was SO happy to see my mileage well above 10 since that’s a rarity lately! Since I’m increasing the number of days I’m running in the week (going from 1-2 to 3-4), I’m still keeping the mileage of my runs lower. But, hopefully I’ll be able to bump the distance up soon! And I really hope that walking around Ireland soon will help my foot, not hurt it!

I’ve also been icing my foot daily and it feels really good (especially since our AC has been out – ha!) – and I’m hoping it helps! I’ve also been using my Roll Recovery before and after my runs. I’m not sure there is any one thing that’s fixing my plantar fasciitis, but definitely a bunch of little things have helped it improve.


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    Kelly @ Bored to Badass

    I’m new to your blog and I’m so glad I found it!! But was terribly sad to read this post…I’m so sorry that you guys have to deal with that while running. That is so crazy to me!! I live in a rural area and it never even crossed my mind that people have to deal with this. Well, I’m a big city girl that was transplanted here so I’m not clueless, but when I walk/run it’s on a dead end road or state park. It’s so unfair. Hopefully there can be a solution soon. Please be careful 🙁

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    Have you tried Oofos sandals to aid recovery from your plantar? They are so awesome to wear around the house or running errands, especially after a run day. They have helped me/my feet immensely!

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