I saw this post on One Little Momma and thought it was a fun little thing, so I’m copying it. I like these types of posts because it’s makes me stop and really think about things and sometimes reminds me that I need to add more things in my life – more playing, more feeling, more stopping and thinking, just taking in life, being intentional about life.

Making: my bed always relaxes me. It creates instant calm in my room.
Cooking : Sporadically. Life has been so busy lately and I’ve been eating really simply, i.e. No recipes, just tossing stuff together. But last weekend I experimented with gluten free pumpkin bread and donuts. I need to share the recipes!
Drinking : La Croix. All the La Croix.
Reading: multiple books, per usual. 1Q84, Jab Jab Right Hook, Remember Me Like This. And I just finished Where’d You Go Bernadette?
Wanting: a house cleaner. But I probably really just need a de-clutterer to go through my cabinets and storage closets.
Looking: forward to seeing Garth Brooks. So. Damn. Excited. I’ve wanted to see him in concert since I was 11 years old.
Playing: Not enough. I need to figure out what “play” means for me as an adult.
Wasting: too much time on social media.
Sewing: Never. But I really should learn since I have to get half of what I buy altered.
Wishing: there were direct flights to the West Coast out of the Greensboro airport.
Enjoying: some beautiful mountain views.
Waiting: for my coffee to kick in so I feel alive.
Liking: All the articles Jen shared on her blog yesterday.
Wondering: when I’ll have all the answers to what I should do with my life. 🙂
Loving: my latest purchase from Fabletics – the dark plum lima capris.
Hoping: I can PR at this year’s Mistletoe half marathon since last weekend’s debacle.
Marveling: at how much Maizey cheers me up.
Needing: new socks. And I hate buying socks.
Smelling: the best candle ever.
Wearing: Lima capris (see above) and a t-shirt. Sexy up in here.
Following: Way too many boxer accounts on Instagram.
Noticing: my breathe. I’m focusing on taking deep breathes more frequently throughout the day.
Knowing: I need to learn to listen to my gut better.
Thinking: how excited my dad will be when I tell him I’m coming home for Thanksgiving! (He doesn’t read my blog so I didn’t ruin the surprise. :)) Plus, he’s out elk hunting this weekend.
Feeling: a wee bit stressed.
Bookmarking: lots of soup recipes to try.
Opening: a new bag of coffee beans and inhaling the smell is the best (I get to open a new bag in a few days I think!)
Giggling: when I make time to chat with good friends. Sometimes nothing beats a phone conversation.
Feeling: so incredibly grateful to have a job I LOVE.

I’d love to hear a little from you! What are you cooking, feeling, or wasting time on today?

Here’s a blank list for you to copy and paste in case if you want to post this on your blog!

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :

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    This is a great list; I may have to copy it for my blog, too.
    Cooking: we had friends over for dinner last night and cooked spaghetti, had a salad “bar” with homemade dressings, and tried the GF baguette you recommended (so good)!
    Feeling: excited to have a day set aside mostly for fun stuff with our kids and with friends.
    Wasting time on: social media 😉

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      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      That sounds like such a fun dinner party – and low stress too! Love the idea of a salad bar and so glad you liked that baguette!

      Have a fun day! xo

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    I just finished up “Where’d You Go, Bernadette” too! What did you think? I flew threw it. And really liked the format.

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    Carrie (This Fit Chick)

    I love this list! I will do it next on my blog! I need to do more playing too.. and smelling.. utilizing my senses and getting out in nature more!

    • Reply
      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      Awesome! Share your link when you post it! 🙂

      I need to get out in nature more too… it’s just so easy to get sucked into the couch with a book or a new episode (or three) of Scandal!

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    Candace @ The Wheatless Kitchen

    I’m so jealous that you get to go see Garth Brooks!!!!

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    1) yes to la croix
    2) also wondering what i’m going to do with my life
    3) yay that you’re going home for thanksgiving

    i’m going to play along today. thank you for linking to my post! 🙂

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    When I get a notification on instagram that you’ve found the triplet to Chloe and Maizey it makes me life. Love looking at pictures of silly boxer pups! Maizey’s new instagram account is my absolute favourite.

    I’m definitely going to do this post next week! Haven’t had much motivation to blog lately so this is perfect.

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    Enjoy your trip home! Maizey’s instagram is wonderful, loving it so much.

    Thanks for posting the blank list, it made doing this so much easier. 🙂

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    Aine @ Awkward Irish Girl Blogs

    Just added this to my blog – got it via Peanut Butter Runner!
    Thank you 🙂

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    the only thing missing here is us seeing you ;(

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    Amber @ Busy, Bold, Blessed

    Cooking: http://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-slow-cooker-chicken-tikka-masala-recipes-from-the-kitchn-211284
    Feeling: lazy!
    Wasting: My entire day watching football (not sad about it :D)

    Happy Sunday!

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    Chicago Jogger

    I’m behind on reading your post but I love this list! So fun. I’m totally going to post answers on Chicago Jogger soon 🙂

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