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Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is ON!

A round up of my top picks from the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale!

Growing up in Utah, I had never heard of Lilly Pulitzer. And when I first moved to the South and started seeing women wearing it, I thought the brand was a bit loud and I was weirded out by the matching mother-daughter Lilly outfits. (And, quite frankly, that does still weird me out.) But, over time, I came to like the fun patterns and I finally tried on a Lilly Pulitzer dress at some point and I was absolutely shocked by how much I liked it.

I could not believe how well the feminine dress fit my athletic body, not to mention how flattering it looked across the board. Not too tight, not too short, slimming and very comfortable since they all have juuuust enough stretch. I started getting more and more dresses and I now live in them every summer. I also have a few that work well for the cooler months too.

For some reason, I assumed that since most of their patterns and prints were pretty loud, that they wouldn’t be flattering on a curvier, more muscular build like mine, but I was WRONG. These dresses have actually become some of my favorites in my closet. I love wearing the bright, bold patterns in the summer months and the solid colors the rest of the year. Thankfully, the Lilly Pulitzer sale has both!

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

If you usually shop the Lilly Pulitzer After Party, the name has recently been changed to Lilly’s Sunshine Sale, which is good to know for your future shopping. The online sale happens twice a year, and they announce the dates via email rather than publicly listing them. This year the sale was on Monday, January 3rd 2022, and their next sale will likely be later this summer. Your best guess is to be prepared to shop the sale in the winter and the summer, since that’s the most likely time for them to host them.

The also hosted a Splash of Sunshine sale this past April (on Monday the 18th) which was smaller than their typical summer sales.

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale 2020

Similar dress linked here  and here. Exact linked here.

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale 2020

similar dress linked here

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

So, alllll that to say, when the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale starts, I always shop since they rarely have sales, and they usually have great sale prices. The best option is to sign up for their email list to be notified when the sale launches. They will likely have a virtual line, so knowing when to shop will save you waiting time as well!

I have few dresses from Lilly Pulitzer in my closet that I’ve had for YEARS. They’re high quality, so they last forever, and given that the patterns are so bold and so Lilly, they don’t really go out of style. I also love that I can wear a regular bra with nearly every Lilly Pulitzer dress I own!

Sizing tip:

When in doubt, I would size up in Lilly Putlizer. In most brands, I’m a size 2 (and sometimes a 0), but I find in Lilly Pulitzer, that I’m a size 2 or 4. They also have a helpful size guide for their products.

Right now, the only Lilly pieces I have are many dresses and a top or two, but I am really excited to try more of their tanks and shorts this year. And I’ve also heard they have great ladies golf attire! Since I hurt my ankle and haven’t been running, I’ve been spending more time on the golf course and I can’t wait to freshen up that part of my wardrobe. (Women’s golf clothes are generally the worst. It takes some serious effort to find cute ones that fit well!)

You can see some of my favorite Lilly Pulitzer pieces below and how they fit me.

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

similar dress linked here

Lilly Pulitzer picks

Almost exact top linked here! It’s reversible!



Happy happy shopping!


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