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Post-Workout Must Have: Gentle & Safe Makeup Remover Wipes

We all know we should wash our face after working out, but do we actually do it? Nah. But, I finally found something make that habit stick – Beautycounter Makeup Remover Wipes. I freaking love these things. 

I have a confession: I’m really terrible at washing my face after a workout, even though I preach to others about how important it is to help skin healthy and free of breakouts. But, the reality is that after a run I usually go right into making dinner and don’t shower for a couple hours.

Or, if I run in the morning, I often walk Maizey, answer emails and drink coffee before showering. And don’t even ask me what happens after my long weekend runs. Ahem. Let’s just say that a lot of time goes by where the sweat is drying into my skin and clogging up my pores.

But, I finally found a solution to clean my face quickly post-run: makeup remover wipes. I know, I know – wipes have been around for a long time. I’ve tried them and HATED them. They dried out my skin and left it feeling raw or sticky.

So, I was a bit skeptical of the new Beautycounter makeup remover wipes since I’m not really a wipe person. Well, as I’ve shared in my Instagram stories multiple times, I FREAKING LOVE THESE.

Beautycounter Makeup Remover Wipes

It feels like they actually clean my skin, not just strip it like other wipes I’ve tried. It’s hard to describe, but it’s like a gentle cleanser is built into the wipe (almost like a washcloth) and when it dries it leaves behind a moisturizer. I can’t get over how soft and healthy my skin feels after using them.

Now I’m totally addicted and can’t stand the feeling of the dry sweat on my face post-workout. I keep a pack in my running bag and a pack in my bathroom and it’s quickly become part of my post-workout routine. Now, if only I could make a post-workout stretching habit stick. 😉


I find that the wipes have more “juice” in them than what I need for my face, so I typically wipe down my neck, my arms and sometimes my legs if I’m super sweaty. (Humidity in North Carolina is no joke!) It helps me feel a little bit cleaner before I can actually take a shower.

These are MUCH safer than traditional makeup remover wipes on the market, which are usually loaded with harmful ingredients like PEGs and fragrance. (Learn here why you need to avoid those and other ingredients common in most skincare.)

If you work out, why would you put crap on your body right afterwards? Don’t do it! Skincare products absorb into your bloodstream and have significant impacts on your health. Choose safer skincare products. (You can see my full skincare and makeup routine here.)

More product details:

  • Uses a naturally derived micellar formula to trap makeup, dirt, and impurities, then gently whisks it away with no need to rinse
  • Aloe Vera delivers hydration, while cornflower water soothes delicate skin
  • Gentle enough to use on face and eyes every day
  • These wipes are also biodegradable – dispose in your home compost

Note: I heard the founder of Beautycounter talk while I was in D.C. about the wipes and they worked VERY hard to create wipes that treat your skin AND the environment well. I love how this company does business!!

Go here to read more about the wipes.

Okay your turn to fess up: how long do you go between finishing your workout and when you wash your face?

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I <3 Beautycounter

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