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The countdown is on! What my final week of training looks like before the Boston Marathon

I’m in my FINAL week of training before the Boston Marathon! Today’s post shows what my last week of running (and resting!) looks like before race day. I also shared my bib number if you want to track me during the marathon!

First – thank you SO much for all your kind words on yesterday’s post! I loved hearing your mantras and I so appreciate all the support and well wishes for my big race day!

Below is my plan for the last week of training before the Boston Marathon. I’m on the final stretch!

The final week of marathon training

M – 6 miles, easy recovery

Last night’s easy recovery run with Christian felt weird. My legs feel clunky and running just feels unnatural. Please tell me that will go away come race day!


It’s pitiful but I don’t even know what to do with myself having all this extra time on my hands – ha! I spent the extra time this morning sleeping in, and I’d usually lift or do core work in the evening but I think I’ll catch up on some emails and maybe sit and read for a bit.

W – 7 miles, including 2 at goal marathon pace — dress rehearsal run

This is my final chance to test everything to make sure it all feels right! I’m going to lay out everything for my run tonight. Then, after my run, I’m going to wash it and stick it in a ziplock bag and put it on top of my suitcase so I don’t forget anything!


F – 5 miles, easy recovery + 6 strides


We fly to Boston this day! I plan to go to the expo, practice getting from my hotel to the shuttle pickup and grocery shopping (and praying my hotel has a toaster 😉 ).

Su – 4 miles – shakeout run

eeee! I know I will be so nervous on this run. I remember how strange I felt on my shakeout run before the Wrightsville Beach marathon last year. I plan to do my run in the morning, get breakfast, walk a little bit in the afternoon but mostly RELAX. And then, you know, attempt to sleep.

M – RACE DAY!!!!!! DOMINATE 26.2!

My bib number is 16012 if you want to track me! I’m so excited to see some of my followers along the route since a number of people have told me they will be out there cheering!

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  • Reply

    I’m so excited for you! And now I’m so excited about running next year. It was never my plan/goal, NYC was going to be my one and done. But I qualified and I know I’ll regret it if I don’t do it. Godspeed!

  • Reply
    Alexandre Fagundes

    Have a nice week and a great marathon!

  • Reply

    I’ll be thinking of you and watching from home! Prayers and well wishes from Mississippi!

  • Reply

    Good luck! I know you’ll do great!

  • Reply

    So exciting! Safe travels & good luck 😀

  • Reply
    Annabet Soehner

    I’ll be cheering for you!! When you make your last left turn on to Boylston, swing wide so the photographer can get a picture of you seeing the finish line! Priceless!! Good luck and enjoy every minute!

  • Reply

    Looking forward to hopefully seeing you! I have you and a few others in my tracking app! Hopefully I’ll see the guy running backwards too. 🙂

    GOOD LUCK and have fun! That’s what you’re there for!

  • Reply

    GOOD LUCK! I’m running as well and have loved following your training. Let’s hope the weather improves!

  • Reply
    Heather Hurt

    I am so excited for you! Your training has just been fascinating for me to watch! I have run a couple full marathons and quite a few 1/2 marathons and your pace just blows me away. I will be cheering you on from San Diego! Good luck!!!!!

  • Reply

    You got this!!! Good luck!!!!

  • Reply

    Gah! I can’t beleive it’s finally race day! I’ve so enjoyed following you train and can’t get over your pace! Wishing safe travels, great weather, and an amazing race from North West Canada!

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