My (and your) Favorite Posts in 2013

People. 2013 is nearly over.  I can’t believe it. I was scrolling through old posts and I was looking at posts in March that I felt I just barely blogged; crazy how time flies. 2013 was a good year!

Here are some of my favorite posts from the year and some of the most popular among my readers. 


A Cabin Weekend (this was technically 2012 but it was NYE so I’m lumping it in 2013 🙂 )

Myrtle Beach in the Winter

Charleston with my folks 

Willamette Valley: Where to Stay

Utah Trip!



Spontaneity is a Good Thing

Life’s Formula

I am that dog person



Oregon Wine Country Half Marathon: Yep, THAT happened on race day 

My Bloody Injury & a Surprise Visit

Cherry Blossom 10 Miler


Other Stuff

Boston & the Bond of Runners

Beauty Hacks for the Fitness Junkie

Beating the New Year’s Crowd with a 30 Minute Treadmill Run

7 Ways I Significantly Increased My Running Speed


I hope you have a fun New Year’s Eve! I rarely make any plans on NYE and am in bed long before midnight but some friends invited John and me over for dinner and games. I’m so excited! I feel like such a party animal. 😉 I’ll probably drink some green tea before heading over; otherwise, I’ll never last til midnight! 

Do you love NYE or think it’s overrated? What are your plans this year?

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    Michelle @ A Healthy Mrs

    My husband & I just returned home today from visiting our families for Christmas, and we have (somewhat foolishly) agreed to host a small party tomorrow night — let the frantic cleaning & preparing begin! 🙂

    Happy New Year!

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    Sara @ LovingOnTheRun

    No big plans here we are either going to stay in or maybe hang out with a few close friends. Nothing too crazy – but that is OK by me!

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    I love the idea of ringing in the new year, but I hate the pressure to stay up until midnight. I love my sleep and I love starting of the New Year feeling awesome. I typically head out on a long cross country ski and it’s so peaceful.

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    We are staying in and I’m cooking us a nice dinner. One of our best friends is in the area and will be joining us. Cheers to 2014!!

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    I loved all those posts and loved being reminded of them.

    NYE – I have always thought it was overrated.

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    Jordan Lynn // Life Between Lattes

    This year I went to a house party, which was fun. But last year, I was the DD for my sister and her friends, and waking up without a hangover on January 1st was amazing. I think that may be my plan for next year! Maybe just one glass of champagne …

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      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      I thought about that when I woke up yesterday – that I shouldn’t have drank. Or at least stuck to just one! Blech.

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