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Hey friends! I’m gonna take a break today and turn my blog over today to my lovely friend Jill. Hope you enjoy!


Hi there! This is Teri’s friend Jill, of In Good Faith. Recently I converted to Judaism after a long two year process. During that time, as I started to set up my husband and my home as “a Jewish home” of sorts, I noticed that there was a serious lack of classy, modern judaica.

I spent hours combing through endless options for holiday decor and housewares that were never quite right. It was frustrating. I wanted a blog that would narrow down the options and highlight jewish housewares and decor that fit a more modern style. One that would be more at home in Martha Stewart Living than your grandmother’s house. So I made one! My new blog Modern, Classic & Jewish is now up and running.

If you’re Jewish, I hope you find my blog useful. If you’re not, I hope you find it useful for gift giving. You may need to buy a gift for a Jewish friend. Or you may want to send them a card to celebrate an accomplishment. So, here is a preview of what Modern, Classic & Jewish is all about:

1.) The Perfect Greeting

In the days of e-cards and congratulatory texts, everyone appreciates a beautiful, appropriate good old fashioned card. Etsy has some beautiful selections that will show your friend that you intentionally chose this card to celebrate their accomplishment.

Mazel tov card by Matatote, available here, $4.00

L’Chaim card, available for bar mitzvahs, weddings, other occasions, by Matatote, available here, $4.00

2.) Welcome Home!

Need a housewarming gift for your Jewish friend? Trader Joe’s carries Kosher wine for $4.99 a bottle called Terrenal:


Need something more? Lots of Jews nail a mezuzah to their front door. Here is one of my current favorites:


Mezuzah case, Studio Armadillo, available here, $49.00

I hope that you’ll come check my new blog out!

Thanks for the post Jill! You’ve found some seriously beautiful items! I want to buy them even though I’m not Jewish especially some of the servingware you’ve posted!

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    i love this!! good luck and congrats on a new blog! 🙂

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