Monday Flattery

I woke up this morning with a lot of new Instagram followers and a ton of Twitter notices and quickly realized I had been included in the Charlotte Agenda’s list of “Insta-famous” locals.


I was listed as being known for “Working out and eating well” but after my coworkers saw the list, they put me in my place and said I’m really known for torturing hotel treadmills and smack talking. (I got a bit of a reputation on some work trips after doing intervals at the hotel gym at 5:30 AM and then challenging the guys to a plank-off. And I used to think I’m not competitive…)


I was super excited because I’m a huge fan of the Charlotte Agenda and was included in a list with some seriously awesome folks with legit followings. Thank you Charlotte Agenda! I’ve been blown away by how welcoming and active the Charlotte social media scene is—there are so many great people to connect with and I love all the friendships I’ve formed since moving here, both online and in real life. 🙂

And hiiiiii to anyone who is visiting for the first time! I hope you’ll come back, leave a comment, introduce yourself and stick around! (If you live in Charlotte and don’t read the Charlotte Agenda, um, get on that STAT. It’s awesome for keeping up with what’s happening each week and learning about new things in the city.)

I’m also super flattered by your comments that you want to hear more about my dating life. ha! I love sharing what I’m up to, but I’m never quite sure what my readers enjoy most or what they’d like more of, so thanks for the feedback! I’m truly so grateful for any and all comments on my posts – it’s, hands down, my favorite part of blogging!

I’m especially touched by you who have commented or emailed me telling me that you enjoy seeing me so happy and that it’s obvious. I AM happy and I really appreciate your kind comments and support since I’ve definitely had some rough patches (don’t we all?). So, I’ll share in some upcoming posts how I met Tommy and how we’re making a long-distance relationship work. We’re kind of making it up as we go.:)

Hope your week is off to a great start!



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  • Jenna

    Congrats on your mention! That’s awesome! Can’t wait for more blog posts about Tommy, and am so glad things are going well for you. You’re right… We all definitely have rough patches and sometimes a change is all it takes to make a huge difference! Thanks for sharing so much. It’s always encouraging to me! 🙂

  • Katie

    Good Good Good for you!!! 🙂 I wish I lived closer because I believe all your working out would rub off on me & I would then try cross fit, post baby! I def. enjoy following you on IG even though you are states away.

  • Courtney

    This is awesome!! And so are you <3

  • Bethany

    Ooh I can pull the “I knew you back when” card! That makes me sort of famous now, too. Utah Business Week, anyone? I’m not surprised you have so many interested in the blog–you’re a wonderful writer and do a great job.

  • Chicago Jogger

    Congrats, you totally deserve it! A great recognition 🙂

  • Alyssa @ Renaissancerunnergirl

    So cool that they featured you! I feel as if in NYC there would be no way to ever get noticed like that.