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Build a Better Wardrobe: 5 Must-Have Shoes

I recently started a series all about must-have items for your wardrobe and today we’re talking about shoes! If you missed the last one, you can see my must-have dresses here  and my pregnancy wardrobe essentials here! My goal is always to be intentional about purchases since I want clothes that will last me a long time. And I always buy qualify over quantity, especially when it comes to basics since those are things I’ll wear for years.

Today I’m sharing five must-have shoes for your closet. And yes, I have a LOT more than five pairs of shoes in my closet (heck, I have more than five pairs of running shoes alone), but these are five shoes that will make it easier to get dressed and feel cute. Yes, sparkling heeled sandals are fun and strappy lace-up sandals have their moments, but those trends tend to come and go. So, if you’re investing in shoes that will last for years and make it easier to get dressed, prioritize getting these five pairs.

5 Must-Have Shoes

1. Classic Loafers

what to wear to play golf | 5 Must-Have Shoes

Outfit Details

5 Must-Have Shoes

Outfit Details

5 Must-Have Shoes for every wardrobe

Outfit Details

loafers outfit idea

Outfit Details

what to wear with loafers

Outfit Details

Sam Edelman loafers

5 Must-Have Shoes

Outfit Details

I bought a pair of Sam Edelman loafers a few years ago when I was still in Corporate America and am now on my second pair since I wore them into the ground. They look great with work pants, but they also pair perfectly with casual dresses, white jeans, skinny jeans, not-skinny jeans, shorts, and even look cute with golf clothes (I wear them to the course before I change into my golf shoes). I love love love these! And, they’re so comfortable right out of the box.

2. Everyday White Sneakers 

Everyday White Sneakers Outfit Details

White Sneakers outfit | 5 Must-Have Shoes

Denim Jacket | Dress (Similar) | Shoes

casual sneaker outfit


Another must-have in your closet is a pair of everyday sneakers. I prefer white since they go with everything. White sneakers are cute with jeans and shorts, of course, but I also think they’re super cute with dresses. I love Vejas the most, but they sell out CRAZY fast so it’s hard to snag them. Other picks are below! I also just ordered these.

3. Classic Nude Pump

Classic Nude PumpsPumps

Every woman needs a good pair of nude heels in their closet. They are SO versatile and it’s worth investing in a pair you love that you can wear for years. I got my dream pair of nude pumps for my wedding shoes, and they make me so happy every time I wear them. Plus, they’re incredibly flattering! I also love this more affordable pair that I wore when I was working in finance. It’s a more comfortable height and a more forgiving toe box – I had probably six pairs of these over the years, in multiple colors. But, prioritize a nude pair first.

4. Comfortable Flat Sandal 

Comfortable Flat Sandal | 5 Must-Have Shoes

Top | Jeans | Shoes

flat sandals for summer

Top | Shorts | Shoes

comfortable pair of flat sandals

5 Must-Have Shoes


A comfortable pair of flat sandals is essential for warm months. I’ve had these Birkenstocks for years and they’ve gotten better with age. They aren’t the shoes I wear when I’m heading out and want to look put together, but I love them for walking in the neighborhood, errands, and even around the house since they almost feel like slippers. My favorite sandals for when I want to look a little more put together are these, but they aren’t the highest quality so they’ll only last one season. I also just got these and absolutely LOVE them. If you want to invest in a pair that will last for years, go for Tory Burch or Ancient Greek sandals.

5. Heeled Sandal 

Heeled Sandal outfit idea

Similar Dress | Heels

5 Dresses you Need for a Timeless Flattering Wardrobe

5 Must-Have Shoes


I actually LOVE heels. I know that not everyone agrees, but I’m petite and heels always make me feel more put together. A good classic heeled sandal is great for almost every occasion – date night, work, weddings, you name it. These Sam Edelman heels have been my go-tos for years. I also have them in nude leather, nude suede and black suede. If I’m headed out for dinner, I almost always opt for these over flat sandals. I even wore them in our maternity photos!

I hope you’re enjoying this series and feeling a little more intentional with your wardrobe purchases!


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