My Family Thinks They’re Funny

Recently, I got to go to a Small Batch Beer Co. backers’ party because I donated to their Kickstarter. For all those who donated above $100, you earned your name on their wall. Their backer’s wall was revealed at the party. Pretty cool!

IMG 3745

They also had free beer for all the backers, I ordered their Limonhead and drank about half of it. Beer has been upsetting my stomach more and more these days which i HATE. I’m refusing to believe I’m going to have to cut it out. Anyway…

IMG 3743

I posted this picture on my Facebook wall. 

IMG 3742

And these were the responses I got from my family.. hahahah I love them. My favorite is the 72oz flaming hot ribeye. 😀

IMG 3750

If you’re local, go check out the new wall at Small Batch and have a Limonhead for me.  (Watch out, it’s strong!)

Have you donated to Kickstarter campaigns? Which ones? 

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    That is awesome! I have done a few things on Kickstarter, and my husband loves it. He would love something like this since he loves craft beer. I will have to watch more to see if anything else comes up like this.

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    Michelle @ A Healthy Mrs

    I love the wall of names — it’s perfect decor for a hip bar/brewery! 🙂

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    Ive never donated on kickstarter, but I think its super awesome. Id love to come up with some rad idea and put it out there!

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