My New Favorite Running Shorts

Hi friends! I slept in a bit too late this morning to work out, so I took Maizey for a little AM walk instead. I bundled her up in her new jacket and I bundled up and I still came home with frozen toes and fingers! I bet her pup paws were cold too, poor thing. I need a warm getaway – anyone want to invite me to visit Florida? I’ve never been. 😉

After a day of lots of sitting and lots of eating (we had a work holiday gathering), I was eager to sweat. I hit the treadmill, turned on some Nashville (seriously, WTF?!?!) and started running. I didn’t have an exact science to increasing my speed, but I think my miles ended up like this:

Mile 1 – 7:40 pace

Mile 2-3 – 7:25 pace

Mile 4 – 7:10 pace

Mile 5 – 6:45 pace

Overall, my average pace was 7:16. I did the last quarter of a mile at a 6:00 minute pace and I felt like I was going to fall! Luckily, I didn’t but man, it took me a while to catch my breath afterwards. 

IMG 3180

I’ve done three workout this week (including tonight’s) in some new running shorts that I recently received. I tweeted a few weeks ago that I was in the market for new shorts and Laura recommended Oiselle shorts. I’d never even heard of the brand, but Oiselle quickly joined the Twitter conversation and asked what I look for in running shorts. My answer: not too long or short, lightweight, key pocket, no chafing (no thick seams like nike tempos) and not too fitted. They said the Oiselle Roga shorts sounded like my match made in heaven and offered to send me a pair to try out. 

Roga black f 1Source

I am OBSESSED. These are the best running shorts I’ve ever had. They are slightly more fitted in the thigh than I’m used to, but they’re not tight. They fit pretty true to how they look in the above Oiselle product shot, except they’re slightly longer on me ‘cuz I’m a shortie (5’1″). I keep meaning to take a picture but I forget to before I come home and instantly toss them in the washer so I can have them for the next day!

They don’t ride up anywhere, the move nicely with me, and they cover that little section of the booty/thigh area that some people call “saddlebags.” Some shorts leave that area exposed (ahem, Ellie) and I prefer a little more coverage back there. I guess the best testimonial I can give is that I don’t notice these shorts when I run – and that means they’re great. Definitely add these to your wish list!

Bottom line: I would buy these with my own moolah. They are $46 and I’ll probably purchase a few more pairs over the next couple of months. 

Describe your perfect running shorts. 

If you watch Nashville, describe your response to this week’s episode in 5 or fewer words. Mine: What the hellllll? Noooooooo! Who??

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  • Sara @ LovingOnTheRun

    Great to know!! I am always looking for new shorts and I HATE ones that ride up!

  • Dori

    Rogas are the ONLY shorts I’ll wear! I even sold my Lululemon shorts because they don’t even come close. Glad you love them!

  • Liz

    NASHVILLE. Oh my god. Only one of them is going to actually be gone, I think. But MAN that was a dramatic episode. This whole trend of “mid season finale” is kind of crazy!

  • lindsay

    my words exactly for nashville and i didn’t see that coming!!!! Seriously!

    oh and oiselle–> LOVE THEM! yes, get me some for xmas

  • Anne @

    Those are super cute! I am crazy picky about my running clothes, and shorts in particular. I like short, very light, and tight, but not too tight that they cut into my sides. Those look like they fit the bill!

  • Livi

    I need something that won’t move while I’m running- that gets so annoying!

  • Stephanie

    I JUST watched this week’s episode of Nashville and my jaw actually dropped. I’m pretty sure I said “what the heck?” out loud to myself, too. And then immediately looked to see when the next new episode is… judging by those cliff hangers, I’m thinking we’re gonna have to wait until the new year 🙁 Although I have to say, Peggy had it coming – no one ever gets away scot-free with a fake pregnancy!

  • Meg

    OH NO. I haven’t watched Nashville yet. (Two weeks worth actually…) Now I’m stressed… I hate cliff hangers… gahhhhh.

    I follow a runner/blogger on Twitter who raves about the Oiselle line all the time. Since that’s two votes from two people I trust maybe I need to tell Santa about these!

  • christina

    i have those shorts and love them too!!

  • Brynn

    Thanks for the review and recommendation! I love to know people’s thoughts before jumping in with the moolah. Happy trails, speed runner!