My Thanksgiving – with only one food photo ;)

I flew into Utah late Wednesday night. I am so happy to be home for Thanksgiving…it’s been YEARS. I didn’t take any Thanksgiving food pictures, other than the breakfast my dad made for me after my run, but rest assured I ate lots of turkey and homemade cranberry sauce. 🙂

The sunrise was incredible. My parents have the best views that I totally took for granted growing up.

IMG 9601

My mom and I didn’t sign up for the Turkey Trot since I got in so late and needed sleep, but we each went for a run on Thanksgiving morning! I’m so grateful she instilled in me a love of running!


IMG 9610

It’s always fun running through my hometown and letting memories wash over me.

IMG 9613

And I love all the trails that wind through Draper!

IMG 9617

IMG 9622

I couldn’t believe how fast I ran. The first mile was a little sluggish, but then I ended up running mid-6’s for most of my run. Seriously, I don’t know how that happened given my jet lag, the altitude, and the crazy strong head wind for half the run. I’m attributed it to feeling so, so happy, and happiness is energizing. That, and coffee. 😉IMG 9629

My dad made me breakfast after my run. He makes perfect over-medium eggs! And as I watched him cook, I realized he’s the one that taught me to cook eggs with a fry/steam method!

SAM 1260

And then I got to enjoy playing with my nieces and nephews during the day. I have 15, and I got to see all of them except 3! But most of my pictures were of the younger ones who will hold still for pictures. 😉

SAM 1269

SAM 1273

SAM 1287

I got to meet this little peanut for the first time! THOSE CHEEKS.

IMG 9644

Cannon seriously cracks me up. He is hilarious. And seriously, how cute is he dressed?

IMG 9648SAM 1293

I hope you and your family had a wonderful day! I sure did.

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    Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine

    Glad you had a beautiful Thanksgiving!

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    Livi @ Eat, Pray, Work It Out

    Wow- 15 nieves and nephews?! That’s a big, fun family!

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    Your nieces & nephews are adorable!

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