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My Trader Joe’s Favorites

Here’s what staples I love and stock up on at Trader Joe’s!

Every time I show a photo of my Trader Joe’s haul, I get a LOT of questions about my favorite things to buy there. Trader Joe’s is one of those places where there are SO many good things, but sometimes you need someone to tell you about them. Since both Hannah and I love Trader Joe’s, we both shared our favorites! I buy as much as I can of my healthy grocery staples from Trader Joe’s and then supplement with Whole Foods and Publix for the rest of my grocery store staples.

My Trader Joes Favorites

My Trader Joes Favorites


They have GREAT prices on organic products, so I always buy organic if they have it. I’m particularly uptight about buying organic for anything on the Dirty Dozen list and for anything without a peel.




Honeycrisp or Fuji Apples

Baby Bella Mushrooms


Mixed Greens


Spinach – Great for smoothies!

Baby kale

Pre-shredded Brussels Sprouts

Bell Peppers

Hericot Verts


Organic Berries

Sweet Potatoes

Baby Potatoes


Fresh herbs – cilantro and parsley

Broccoli Slaw Mix – I don’t buy pre-made salad mixes often, but I LOVE this one. I can’t have the dressing right now since I’m breastfeeding and Thomas doesn’t tolerate dairy, but if you do well with dairy, be sure to use it! 🙂

Refrigerated section near the produce

Green Goddess Salad Dressing – dairy free!

Carrot Ginger Miso Dressing (Hannah’s pick)

Steamed and Peeled Baby Beets

Steamed Lentils

Pre-grilled Chicken – Both plain and balsamic rosemary. I use this with so many salad recipes when we don’t have time to grill chicken or don’t have leftovers.

Medjool Dates (perfect pre-run snack!)

Pantry Staples

Ezekiel Sprouted Bread – I don’t always have time to make my own whole wheat bread so I keep this in the freezer.

Organic Super Bread – Amazing for toast.

My Trader Joes Favorites

My Trader Joes Favorites

Canned and dried beans

Organic Brown Rice

Whole Wheat Pasta

Rolled Oats – I buy the big blue bag since I use it in so many recipes, like my oatmeal bake, buckwheat oatmeal cookies and energy balls

Chicken broth, vegetable broth

Raw nuts (almonds, walnuts) – great for homemade runner’s energy balls

Roasted and salted pecan halves

Unsweetened dried cherries

Canned Tomatoes – I keep diced and whole peeled on hand. I always buy San Marzano brand if they have it.

Pre-chopped garlic – I weirdly hate crushing and dicing garlic (even though I have a garlic press) so I keep this in the fridge at all times

Coconut Milk

Pineapple Salsa – for world’s easiest crockpot chicken recipe

Olive and Herb Mixed Nuts

Maple syrup

Coconut Sugar – I prefer to bake with this over white cane sugar

Dehydrated rainbow carrot snacks – these grew on me. I was meh on them at first, but now I love them. They’re great for a super crunchy snack!

Nuts about Rosemary Mix – Seasonal, but if you can find this, grab it! Both Teri and Hannah are obsessed.

Peanut Butter Pretzels – Hannah loves these for a snack!

Sweet Potato Chips

Sweet Potato Chips

Umani Seasoning – this is SO good on toast and eggs. And pretty much anything savory.

Umani Seasoning

Chili Lime Seasoning – SO good on chili or rice!


Gone Berry Crazy Chocolate covered strawberries

Gone Bananas Chocolate covered bananas

Organic riced cauliflower – I put this in smoothies and saute it as a side dish.

Frozen organic berries

Peeled and deveined shrimp

Dairy + other refrigerated items

Kerrygold butter

Greek Yogurt – the almond butter coconut flavor is delicious and their plain nonfat greek yogurts is good too, even though I typically hate fat free stuff.

Almond and Cashew non-dairy yogurt – Thomas and I both love this

CHEESE! My favorites are pecorino romano, goat cheddar, chevre (great on baked chicken), any of the wine-infused cheese, and Unexpected Cheddar.

Mozzarella Style Shreds – It’s the best and cheapest vegan cheese I’ve tried.

Coconut Whipped Cream – AMAZING on dessert (Hannah’s pick)

Fresh salsa – If you can find the corn and chili tomato-less salsa, snag it!


Chocolate Hummus – shockingly amazing. It’s like thick pudding. I like it on pretzel crisps.


Pizza Dough – Hannah loves this for homemade pizzas. She adds mozzarella and the TJ pizza sauce. And always basil and pineapple. (Tommy and I love pineapple on pizza paired with chicken and jalapeño.)


Dark chocolate – I love the 100% absolute dark chocolate and the Pound Plus bittersweet chocolate with almonds

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter cups – everyone loves these!

Almond Butter cups

Dark Chocolate Almonds with Sea Salt – you’ve been warned. These are SUPER addicting.

Ginger Chews

Croissants – Hannah’s favorite treat


Wine – Hannah loves the Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc and the Emma Reichart RosĂ©

Beer – Tommy loves the Dogfish Session Sour

Kombucha – Teri loves the GT and Tribucha

Fresh flowers – Hannah loves peonies and ranunculus (which are hard to find there, but if you’re lucky grab them!). Teri likes the white roses or hydrangeas


Okay, your turn! What are your Trader Joe’s Must-Haves?

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    Love TJ’s! In addition to your list, I love the apple cider hand soap (I stock up every fall!), their Mediterranean salad mix, and everything but the bagel seasoning. I also love their goat cheese and sundried tomato ravioli and their pancake bread, but I don’t get those as often!

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