Friday Favorites: the BEST Shoes for CrossFit + Non-Dairy Creamer + Comfy Bra

Today’s Friday Favorites include a Nike Air Zoom Strong Training Shoes review and why I love them for CrossFit. I also shared an amazing non-dairy creamer, the comfiest bra ever, and a song I’ve got on repeat.

Yay! Friday! This week has FLOWN by, holy moly. Between work and then upping my mid-week mileage this week (I’ve already done an 11 mile and a 9 mile run), it just felt like a packed week. I was absolutely exhausted last night after CrossFit and dinner and crashed into bed. But I slept in this morning until 6:45 and it.felt.glorious.

I have my long run tomorrow — hoping for 17 miles — and am headed to Durham afterwards for a friend’s 40th birthday party. I can’t wait to see her since it’s been years. I’m a little bit nervous to think about how sore I’ll after sitting in the car (it’s a hour and fifteen minutes each way) after my long run, but it’ll be worth it!

Alright, onto this week’s Friday Favorites!

These training shoes.

I desperately needed new CrossFit shoes since my previous pair was SUPER worn out and hurt my feet. I wanted something lighter weight than my Nike Metcons, but I really didn’t want Reebok Nanos because, well, they’re ugly. My Metcons are great for lifting and workouts with wall balls and kettlebells since they provide great stability, but I HATED them for box jumps, double unders and anything involving a little spring. (Full review of my Nike Metcons here.) I finally changed my search tactic from “Crossfit shoes” to “Training shoes” and found these Nike Air Zoom Strong Training Shoes.

Nike Air Zoom Strong Training Shoes review

Not only are they freaking adorable, but they felt AMAZING last night in the workout. I’ve never been able to do rebounding box jumps and I just suddenly could do them last night. I’m giving the shoes a lot of the credit.

best shoes for crossfit womens

They felt light and springy but still had a solid connection to the ground that I always liked about Nanos. (I can’t stand shoes with a cushy bottom for Crossfit, like running shoes – it feels too wobbly.)  The velcro strap that prevents shoes from coming untied in the middle of a brutal workout is awesome too. I can’t recommend the Nike Air Zoom Trainers enough, whether you do CrossFit, take bootcamp classes or train on your own. Or, if you know, you just wanna look cute. 😉 They’re comfy for walking too – Maizey and I tested them out last night. (I wore them with these socks so you can’t see socks, which obviously ruins the look. 😉 )

Nike Air Zoom Strong Training Shoes womens

I’ve gotten a few new pieces of workout gear that I plan to share with you guys in a post all about my latest favorite gear, but I just couldn’t wait to talk about these shoes. (I always add my new workout gear to my Running Gear and CrossFit Gear pages, so you can check those out for a sneak peak.) Okay, this post suddenly got long after my shoe-crush oversharing. I’ll keep the rest of these quick!

This bra.

Talking about a bra feels a little weird and personal, but the Easy Plunge Bra from Victoria Secret is too good not to share. It’s the comfiest bra I’ve ever worn – I’ve bought 3 now (nude, grey and pink). If I need a little more shape under a tighter top, I still go with a traditional underwire. And one down side it comes up further on your shoulders like racer backs do, so it doesn’t work with all tops. But if I’m wearing a loose-ish top that covers the straps, this thing is ON. Another perk of this bra: it’s amazing for golf. I’ve always really struggled to find a bra for golf that moved with me, had support, but didn’t totally flatten me out like a normal sports bra would. This is the best bra for golf. And the best bra ever really. Get yourself one. Or three.

Best bra for golf

Okay, apparently I can’t be short today. The rest will be short. I PROMISE.

This creamer.

You guys, it’s the BEST. I usually drink my coffee black but tried I this creamer on a whim, fully expecting to hate it since all non-dairy creamers are terrible. This is not. And it doesn’t clump! I got it at Whole Foods by all the other creamers.

califia farms better half creamer

This song.

On repeat.

This dog.

She’s a mess. And I love her.

boxer dog

Alright, I’m off! Hope you have a fantastic Friday!! 

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  • Reply
    Stephanie B.

    I recently tried that creamer, too, and I’m a fan! I also drink my coffee black, but my fiance and I were making white Russians and I got him regular cream but wanted non-dairy cream for myself, so I used that and it worked well. Then I used the leftover in my coffee and it tasted SO good. Yum!

  • Reply
    Christina Orso

    Those shoes are really cute!

  • Reply
    Christina Orso

    Those shoes are really cute! Oh and I’ve been listening to that song on repeat for the past couple weeks. SOOOO GOOD. But have you heard Inside Out? That’s my fave.

  • Reply

    Do you like almond milk in your coffee? I really don’t like almond milk in my coffee regularly so I was wondering if I would still like the creamer with coconut?!

    • Reply
      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      I’m meh on almond milk in my coffee – I’d rather drink it black! I think almond gives it a funky flavor and texture, which is why I was so shocked that I loved this!

  • Reply

    Do you suggest wearing those shoes running as well?

    • Reply
      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      If it’s for short runs in a workout, yes, I liked them (better than my metcons for sure). But, if you’re looking for a running-only shoe and for anything with a distance over a mile, I would get running-specific shoes, which these are not. I do all my “real” runs in Newtons, Asics, Mizunos, Brooks or Nike Pegasus. My exact models are linked under my Running Gear page:

      But, what I would recommend if you’re new to running is going to a running store to get fitted. If you don’t have that option, has a really good online tool to help you pick the right shoe based on a few things they’ll have you do at home (like a single leg squat, etc.).

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