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My 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

The 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here. I shared my top picks for jeans, shoes and more from the sale catalog!

The 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale options are SO SO good this year! I don’t shop often, but I always shop this sale since the deals are so good.

I have updated this post with items that are in stock and new things that I am loving now that the Public Access sale is open!

I prefer to buy high-quality, timeless wardrobe items that will last me for years. And this is the best sale for that – especially looking at shoes, purses and jeans.

What time does the Nordstrom Sale start?

  • Early Access period opened  July 12, at 12:30pm EST. Early Access is available to those with a Nordstrom Card.
  • Public Access opened TODAY, on July 19, 2019!

Jeans and shoes typically sell out fastest so I would prioritize getting those  if you can.

Last year I focused on buying tops and sweaters, and since I like to buy things that are great quality and last multiple years, so I don’t need to re-stock on those as much this year!

However, I really need new booties since I’ve worn mine into the ground and I need a work tote that can hold my laptop. Sometimes the workout gear sale options suck, but this year is pretty solid! You know I’ll stock up on those too!

Tommy also needs some new things and he HATES shopping so I’ll let him click through my picks and choose what he wants. That’s how marriage works – curate. 😉

Here is what I’m eyeing and likely buying!

Women’s Shoes

This year I wanted to make sure to find some good booties for fall/winter. I wear them with jeans and dresses and I think they pair well with almost everything. Plus, they’re comfortable! That’s a must, especially when I build my mileage up for races!



Active/Running wear

I always look for Zella items, in particular Zella leggings, since I LOVE them and they’re so affordable. They have lots of great options this year!!


I always wear “real” clothes when I work, even though I work from home. But it never hurts to slip into loungewear as soon as I close my laptop.

I also really love to have some loungewear when I travel, since nothing feels better than a soft pair of sweats when I’m at a hotel. Here are my favorite soft picks from this year!

Jeans & Pants

Denim is one of those pieces that I am willing to splurge on since I know they will last for YEARS. The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is when I always stock up on jeans. It’s so rare to find such great jeans at such an affordable price.

My must-have brand is Articles of Society (so affordable, stretchy and flattering!) and I am really excited to try Good American jeans since my friends have raved about them. Another piece I bought this year are these Spanx Faux Leather Leggings. They are selling like crazy and I can’t wait to wear them this fall!


I was not as impressed with the dress selection this year, but I did manage to find a few great ones. I love the colors and cuts of these dresses. Dresses make it so easy to look put together, so this is another place I am willing to splurge.

Tops & Sweaters

You’ll see some basics, some really fun, feminine pieces, and some really great pops of color!

Jackets & Coats

Coats and jackets are definitely something I buy at the Anniversary Sale since they’re typically more expensive pieces and I like getting them on sale. Barbour RARELY goes on sale, but there are some amazing Barbour jackets included in this year’s sale, including the EXACT Barbour coat I wore in Ireland! (And then wore nonstop from October to April.)



I found some really fun home goods this year! I especially love the salad servers and the wooden salad bowl!


I prefer simple, gold bracelets and I found some fun ones to add to my layering! I also found some timeless sunglasses and awesome purses including this leather purse!


Men’s Clothing

Tommy never shops. So, this sale is a great way to refresh his closet. This year’s men’s sale has the best selection I’ve seen yet! There are tons of full suits on sale, shoes, and great dress shirts!


Happy 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Shopping!!!

If you aren’t a Nordstrom Card holder, be sure to hop on the sale on July 19th since things will sell out quickly. BUT, Nordstrom usually restocks items that sell out during Early Acesss so I’ll be sure to keep you updated. And, I’ll share other picks that are added for the 19th!

Nordstrom Sale

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  • Hillary

    I’ve been wanting those sunglasses, so stoked they are on sale!!

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