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My 2021 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

The 2021 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here. See my top picks for women, men, workout gear, home decor and babies this year! Early Access is open, and Public Access will open in a few weeks. 

My all-time favorite sale of the year is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, or the NSale. I love to shop for shoes, especially fall booties, and high quality coats and jackets, among other things. I also shop for Tommy during this sale because (a) he hates shopping and (b) men’s stuff is typically pretty expensive. This sale is the best for brands he loves like Peter Millar, Vineyard Vines, North Face, and more.

The sale is now OPEN for everyone!

My picks for this year are below. I HIGHLY recommend using the Wishlist option in your Nordstrom account if you don’t plan to check out immediately since things will sell out. BUT, if you download the Nordstrom app, it will notify you when things are restocked from your wishlist.

Everything you need to know about the 2021 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The Anniversary Sale happens once a year, and it’s different than most sales that stores promote. When a store has a sale, it’s typically to get rid of last season’s clothes as the new ones come in, and generally after the sale, things will go on final sale to make sure they get out the door. The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is different because they discount brand new styles and pieces for the fall season. And once the sale is over, the prices go right back up to the normal retail value. It’s essentially like a pre-season sale. And it’s sooo good.

This is one of the most popular — if not THE most popular– retail sales in the country, outside of the holiday shopping season. And for good reason! I’ve gotten some of my all-time favorite pieces during this sale at great prices. See some of the items included in this year’s sale like Cashmere tops, Barbour jacketsTory Burch shoes and purses, Sam Edelman booties, Hunter boots, and designer denim — all of that is included in the sale. It’s like back-to-school shopping as an adult and way more fun 😉

There are some unique details to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that you need to know ahead of time. First, Nordstrom Card holders shop first. As a Nordstrom cardholder, you get to shop the Early Access Sale two weeks before the entire public shops. I’ll talk about why I love being a Nordstrom Cardholder below.

For the non-card holders, Public Access Sale starts July 28 and runs through August 9. Prices for all of the merchandise goes up on August 10.

What time does the Nordstrom Sale start?

  • Early Access opened a few weeks ago. Anyone with a Nordstrom Card was able to shop.
  • Public Access opened today, July 28, 2021!

My 2021 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

Keep in mind that if you can’t check out with your items yet, you can still add them to your wishlist for when you’re able to shop.

Here’s what I ordered!

Women’s Shoes

This year I wanted to make sure to find some good booties for fall/winter. I wear them with jeans and dresses and I think they pair well with almost everything. Plus, they’re comfortable! You can see my must-have styles of shoes here to help guide you in your sale shopping.



I always look for Zella items, in particular Zella leggings, since I LOVE them and they’re so affordable. They have lots of great options this year!!  I always wear “real” clothes when I work, even though I work from home (and have for years). But it never hurts to slip into loungewear as soon as I close my laptop.  I also really love loungewear on the weekends, and I’ve definitely been wearing more since I had Thomas. Here are my favorite soft picks from this year!


Denim is one of those pieces that I am willing to splurge on since I know they will last for YEARS. The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is when I always stock up on jeans. It’s so rare to find such great jeans at such an affordable price. This is a great time to buy some must-have jeans!


I was not as impressed with the dress selection this year, but I did manage to find a few great ones. I love the colors and cuts of these dresses. Dresses make it so easy to look put together, so this is another place I am willing to splurge. You can see my must-have styles of dresses here to help guide you in your sale shopping.

Tops & Sweaters

You’ll see some basics, some really fun, feminine pieces, and some really great pops of color!

Jackets & Coats

Coats and jackets are definitely something I buy at the Anniversary Sale since they’re typically more expensive pieces and I like getting them on sale. Barbour RARELY goes on sale, but there are some amazing Barbour jackets included in this year’s sale.


I found some really fun home goods this year! I especially love the cheese boards and knives.


I wasn’t super impressed with the accessories this year, but I did find a few bags I love!


A couple good finds!

Men’s Clothing

Tommy never shops. So, this sale is a great way to refresh his closet. This year’s men’s sale has the best selection I’ve seen yet! There are tons of full suits on sale, shoes, and great dress shirts!


BOTH of my must-have strollers are on sale!!! Read my review of our UppaBaby stroller here and my review of the Thule Jogging Stroller here! I got a couple of cute outfits for Thomas too!


Don’t forget to bookmark this post and follow me on the LikeToKnow.It app for updates on my favorite picks throughout the sale!

What to expect from me during the sale

Every year, I round up and link my favorite picks from the entire sale. I spend hours looking through the pieces and organizing my finds so that you can shop the sale easily. I publish this blog post when the Early Access Sale starts and then re-publish this same post when Public Access opens. (So bookmark this post! It’ll be updated regularly!!) When Public Access opens, I go back to see what’s sold out, pick new things out, and make sure it’s still helpful for those who haven’t shopped yet.

I also post on my LiketoKnow.It page during the sale to link specific looks. You can follow me on here. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale aside, I would definitely follow me on LiketoKnow.It if you ever wonder where my outfits are from. I always link them there and post exclusive fashion content on that app!

What’s different this year?

Nordstrom gave everyone access to preview the sale early on July 6. This means, we were able to start browsing and adding to your wishlist weeks ago! This gives us time to go through our closet, get rid of some things we don’t wear (I always donate or sell something if I’m adding something new to my closet to keep my wardrobe curated) and then decide what I want to invest in during the sale. Like I said before, I think buying investment pieces during this sale is your best bet.

Should I become a Nordstrom Cardholder?

Great question. It’s not a deal breaker not to be a cardholder, especially since the sale does become public, but I’ve been a cardholder for years, and I love it. I will say that there are a lot of cardholders and there are lots of pieces sell out during the Early Access Sale.

If you have your eyes on specific pieces AND you shop with Nordstrom regularly, it’s definitely something to consider. (With my background in finance, I’m not one to casually recommend that you open a bunch of credit cards! This is the only brand-specific credit card I have.) But, if you’ve never shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale before, maybe see what it’s like this year before opening a card.

What if something doesn’t fit (or isn’t great in person)? 

One of the reasons that I’m so loyal to Nordstrom is their return policy. They send a free shipping return label in every one of their packages so that you can repack your items and pop them back into the mail easily. No questions asked. It’s almost better than shopping in person because there’s no pressure and you can try your items on in your own home. (Although I DO really want a Nordstrom location in Winston-Salem!!)

The return policy alone is enough of a reason to shop at Nordstrom.  This sale is on new pieces, and nothing is final sale so you can return anything you don’t love.

Okay, happy shopping!

Shop the Sale!

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