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Nordstrom Fall Clearance Picks: Workout Clothes

Happy weekend! I woke up this morning with a headache… from one glass of wine last night. Guys, I can’t hang. And I’m not sorry. Never mind the fact that I’m going to a winery this afternoon with some friends; I’ll be packing some La Croix. ūüėČ ¬†I need to get out the door for my long run, but instead of I’m shopping the Nordstrom Fall Clearance Sale¬†workout clothes, drinking coffee (this stuff is strong and delicious), and hoping that I’ll get inspired to workout by looking at workout clothes¬†and sneakers. Next step is actually putting on workout clothes and sneakers.

If you missed my Nordstrom clearance sales fall picks yesterday and are in the market for booties, heels, tops, or purses, (or if you’re not in the market and want to be ūüėČ ), check out that post too! I need to decide stat what I’m actually going to buy since stuff seems to be selling out quickly!

Tanks & Short-Sleeved Tops

I¬†really like Nordstrom’s selection of workout tops. They’re cute and well priced and high quality – great combo. I wear tanks and short-sleeves year-round at CrossFit and on runs when we have an¬†occasional warm spell¬†in December. God bless the South. ūüôā


Long-Sleeved Tops

I love a cozy long-sleeved top in the fall and winter, and I often snag my workout tops to put on when I’m lounging. And my absolute favorite running weather is when I can wear shorts + a long-sleeved top.


Their running shorts have sold out crazy quickly; there were some Brooks ones I wanted that are now gone. ūüôĀ ¬†Not many¬†leggings¬†caught my eye.


Sports Bras

Most of their sports bras seem tailored for low to medium-impact workouts, so not a great selection for running. But, I think this and this would be perfect for CrossFit and yoga. And I love the cute backs!


Nordstrom has a surprisingly good selection of running shoes and trainers. If you run in Nikes or Asics, definitely check out what models are¬†on sale – there’s a lot! ¬†I really don’t need more running shoes since I have 3 pairs already. But I do want a pair of sneakers¬†that I can use for walking Maizey and for CrossFit when the WODs are more cardio intensive. (I NEVER use my running shoes for anything but running. Call me crazy). I LOVE my Metcons for lifting and WODs using the barbell or with lots of wall balls or kettlebell swings, but when there is running, box jumps, burpees, etc. I want something lighter and more responsive.



Happy shopping! I’m off to run!¬†

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